art exhibition Cosmoscow 2023
In the heart of Moscow's business district, the 11th edition of Cosmoscow recently concluded, leaving an indelible mark that transcends the boundaries of the local art scene. The record-breaking attendance of over 31,000 guests left us all wondering: has contemporary art become a new lit trend in town, or have citizens suddenly developed a secret passion for abstract sculptures?

Written and photos by Ivana Zankevich

One couldn’t help but be surprised by the brisk pace of sales at the fair. Sales even began during the installation phase – who knew hanging paintings could be a spectator sport? And if you were planning to revisit a booth, good luck! They changed their displays multiple times. But these updates only added to the intrigue, turning the fair into a dynamic, ever-evolving canvas.

But here’s the real surprise: buyers went on a shopping spree, acquiring more than 500 contemporary art pieces. The crown jewel was a painting by Ernst Neizvestny, titled “In the Womb of Chronos,” which, by the way, casually changed hands for almost $60,000 through the Vellum gallery. What’s art without a little financial flexing, right?

Intriguingly, the artworks presented at Cosmoscow served as mirrors reflecting the turbulent time in the country. They delved into themes of the uncertain future, offering a thought-provoking glimpse into what lies ahead, while also engaging in introspection and, at times, romanticizing the past.

This year Cosmoscow transcend into something more than just an art fair. It became a safe space where people could shield themselves from the world’s complexities, escape from the chaos and immerse into creativity. It proved that even in perplexing times, art remains a beacon of emotional stability and a fashionable excuse for a cultural getaway. Because really, who needs a spa day when you can have an art-filled adventure?

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