Artbooth Gallery in collaboration with Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi at Al Maryah Island introduces the "Sustainable Art Awareness Project”, featuring the local artist Noura Ali Ramahi, represented by the Artbooth Gallery located on the ground floor of Centro Capital Centre by Rotana, ADNEC area, Abu Dhabi.

The exhibition of artworks by the remarkable Lebanese-born Emirati artist, Noura Al Ramahi will be on display in public areas of the hotel from November 8 to November 30, 2023.

On November 13, 2023, World Kindness Day, the afternoon tea talk “The Art of Kindness” will take place, where Noura Al Ramahi will share her vision of fostering kindness towards the nature with the local community.

Guests can anticipate a sensory delight. Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi at Al Maryah Island famed for its culinary excellence, has curated a gastronomic journey of desserts and savouries. Each table promises to be an “edible gallery of colour, flavour, and creativity”.

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“On this World Kindness Day in collaboration with Noura Al Ramahi represented by Artbooth Gallery, we would like to inspire our guests to make a positive impact on our planet. Through Noura’s innovative use of materials and her profound message of kindness towards nature, she inspires us all to make a difference.” — said Bob Suri, the General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi at Al Maryah Island.

Ramahi’s commitment to eco-friendly art mediums dates back to 2018. She often engages in reflective repetition in her art, finding muses in her routine ambles—be it the golden hues of the sun or the vast expanse of the sea and earth. What stands out in her oeuvre is her ingenious use of everyday materials, like wax paper from cheese, cardboard from packages, or retail paper bags.

Her awe-inspiring piece, “Three Six Five”, stands out. An abstract tribute to the Year of Zayed, it encapsulates the profound influence of reflection and affirmation. The work, comprising 365 paper fragments symbolising each day of the year, features the engraved likeness of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, echoing messages of compassion, strength, and wisdom akin to Tibetan silk flags.

Part of her “Time” series, Ramahi further describes, “Inspired by beach strolls, I crafted sculptures from plastic bags, mirroring beach stones. It’s intriguing to juxtapose the time it takes for sand to form stones versus the enduring nature of plastics in our environment. As a certified diver, our oceans’ plight motivates me to repurpose paper waste creatively.”

Mixed media sculpture

The abundance of delivered packages prompted her experimentation with cardboard as an art medium. She mentions, “I began dismantling boxes, treating them as canvas. The deconstruction, the corrugated textures, the repetitive cutting and glueing — it’s all therapeutic.” Her disdain for wastage and passion for sustainability permeates her work.

Unified by nature’s depiction, her abstract artworks often showcase vibrant, repeated interlaced circles using diverse mediums, such as paint, ink pens, and Tipp-Ex.

Ramahi’s art isn’t just about the final piece but the entire transformative journey. She encourages viewers to delve deep into her works, meditate, and extract personal interpretations from each masterpiece.

Three Six Five

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