Award winning contemporary artist, Kristel Bechara, is the first artist in the UAE to launch an NFT tokenized art series, called "Beauty in Diversity."

Award winning and world renowned artist, Kristen Bechara, has become the first artist in the UAE to launch her first NFT digital artwork, in her new series, “Beauty in Diversity.” Her first piece, depicting Satoshi Nakamoto, is an homage to the personality behind the Bitcoin.

The artist’s use of NFT marks an important development in the way artwork can be sold and purchased. NFT is a powerful technology with many benefits; it offers artists accessibility to new markets and mediums to express artistic ideas, and it offers a platform for artists to be recognized on a digital level.

“As someone who has been creating digital art for a number of years, I wanted to participate in this movement as soon as I learned about it. I am delighted to see the recognition that digital art is finally receiving. For years I have had to explain to people that art produced digitally is not any way inferior to artisanal traditional art and both should be appreciated in their own way.”

“As an artist who created both traditional and digital art, I can attest that the authority and creative process to create each piece is the same, yet one is developed and exhibited using modern tools,” Kristel Bechara explained.

Atelier Kristel Bechara will now be accepting payment via cryptocurrencies for online and offline sales. Starting from April 1st, 2021, all of the artwork purchased from her studio will have an NFT certificate which will be optional for clients with crypto wallets. All artwork comes with an NFT certificate that can be redeemed for actual paintings upon request.

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