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COYA, the immersive 360-degree lifestyle experience, announces its new collaboration with Belvedere Art Space, Dubai.

Enhancing the art and design pillar of COYA’s distinctive DNA, COYA Dubai and COYA Abu Dhabi will exhibit some of the gallery’s most enrapturing collections, with different artists highlighted every quarter. Guests at both venues will be able to admire and appreciate the artworks whilst they dine and relax within COYA’s lively signature ambiance, and also purchase any of the pieces directly through Belvedere Art Space.

Located in DIFC, in the heart of Dubai, Belvedere Art Space is a contemporary art gallery that represents both emerging and established artists from across the globe. Its diverse collection spans an array of different mediums and memorable talents, and it remains committed to empowering and nurturing the MENA’s prospering art scene. Founded by interior designers and art consultants Aal Chammaa and Nour Jarmakani, the original Belvedere Art Space was launched in Beirut, Lebanon, in 2018, before the brand expanded to open Belvedere Art Space Dubai in 2021.

Nour Jarmakani

COYA Dubai has begun the innovative collaboration by unveiling a thought-provoking exhibition by Christopher Florentino, aka Flore. Passionate about pop art and street art, Flore’s four paintings at COYA Dubai aim to strip away all the filters and stereotypes that society inflicts on our lives. By using layers and the written word, the American artist encourages viewers to look a little closer and uncover the true meaning to each piece.

COYA Abu Dhabi is kicking off the partnership with a collection by Lebanese artist Ryan Eid. Young, talented and passionate, his diverse and experimental art works reflect the darker aspects of childhood imagination. Filled with spray-painted colourful monsters made from industrial metals, he cleverly conveys that even children’s anxieties and fears are linked to their innocence and boundless ability to love.

Yannis Stanisiere, Chief Operating Officer of COYA Restaurant & Pisco Bar, says: “Our exciting new collaboration with Belvedere Art Space perfectly reflects COYA’s commitment to supporting international artists, and the prominent art pillar of our unique DNA. This year-long collaboration will see us display a new artist on our walls every quarter, and we hope it will further strengthen and uplift the region’s growing art and design scene. We want to thank Belvedere Art Gallery for partnering with us on this exciting idea, and letting us display some of their most prized collections on the walls of COYA Dubai and COYA Abu Dhabi.”

Aal Chammaa

Aal Chammaa, Co-founder of Belvedere Art Space, said: “We are thrilled to partner with COYA, the creative and vibrant Peruvian lifestyle brand, on this innovative new collaboration. Thanks to COYA, our artists will be able to display their works in front of a whole new audience, and bring their talents even further onto the world stage. COYA shares our passion for supporting both established artists and new talents, and we couldn’t have asked for two more beautiful places to display our collections.”

To find out more about Belvedere Art Gallery, please visit @belvedereartspace or

To find out more about COYA’s commitment to the arts, please visit the Arts page of the brand’s website at

About COYA Dubai

Located in the heart of the Restaurant Village at the Four Seasons Resort Dubai in Jumeirah 2, COYA Dubai provides a 360-degree, fully-immersive lifestyle experience. Taking guests on a journey through the enticing culture of Peru, it specialises in authentic Peruvian cuisine and sophisticated beverages, with each premium cocktail and mocktail served in style from the stunning Pisco Bar. Renowned for its premium quality and exceptionally delicious Peruvian recipes, COYA Dubai’s position as one of the region’s brightest culinary jewels was further cemented when it was included in the Middle East & North Africa’s 50 Best Restaurants guide.

COYA Dubai

Refurbished in the summer of 2022 to create a more distinguished atmosphere that further accentuates the brand’s design, music and art-focused DNA, COYA Dubai now boasts an open-plan restaurant and Pisco Bar which maintains the same upbeat feel throughout every element.

Elevated by awe-inspiring skyline views of Downtown Dubai, the bespoke, custom-made interior of COYA Dubai is adorned with luxurious elements such as Peruvian antique mirrors, gilded hand-carved wooden panels, Inca carvings, wrought iron screening details and plush Italian fabric wallpapers.

Always exciting and joyful, the elegant ambiance of COYA Dubai is lifted with tribal beats enhanced by Latin American influences, Spanish spoken words and beautiful instruments. Each soundtrack is mixed by the talented resident DJs of COYA MUSIC, the brand’s successful in-house record label.

Art also plays an integral part in the COYA Dubai experience. The walls display exhibitions from local artists that change periodically throughout the seasons, and the brand remains entirely dedicated to empowering and uplifting regional talents and creatives.

Meanwhile, the talented mixologists in the Pisco Bar excel in crafting curated, bespoke cocktails that each tell a story about the heritage of COYA and the history of Peru, while the distinguished bar proudly displays an incredibly vast collection of unique homemade pisco infusions.

On a mission to champion the enrapturing culture of Peru and spread its magic throughout the globe, COYA Dubai is an unmissable experience and one of the city’s most tantalising and lively hotspots.