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Enjoy our list of artists based in Dubai and the UAE who focus their artworks on the idea of culture, heritage, and islamic art within the UAE.

The fast paced lifestyle in Dubai and in the UAE in general tends to deter people from the finer things in life. The culture in the UAE is so rich and well worth taking a break and appreciating. One of the many ways to immerse yourself in the culture and heritage of the UAE is to take some time to check out some artists with a focus on culture and heritage.

The amazing part of living in the UAE is the fact that it is an international hub for everyone from all corners of the world. Regardless of nationality, the artists here seek out the importance of culture and heritage here.

In this article, we will take a look at artists based in Dubai and the UAE which focus on the heritage, culture and/or islamic themes within the country.

1. Tajrid

Sara, the founder of Tajrid, took the concept of islamic art and modified it in such a way that mixes tradition and technology beautifully. The concept of the sculptures are to use the sound waves of Quran verses and embed them onto a sculpture. The usual is a calligraphy that is used to make islamic art but this is an innovative way to change the outlook on islamic art.

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2. Julia Ibbini

islamic artists

Julia Ibbini took the pattern concept within the islamic art scene and transformed it into her art style. Through the use of a laser cutting technique, she creates interesting patterns that are very intricate and require a lot of attention to detail. Also, she uses colors that aren’t typically used in islamic art which brings in an innovative touch to her art form.

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3. Salma Almarri

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Salma Almarri is an Emirati artist based in Dubai. She uses texture and acrylics to texturize her artworks to create a story through them. Although a lot of her work is based on personal identity, she does have a niche which focuses on culture and heritage. She also took the concept of acrylic painting and innovated the way of using acrylics to add texture and dimension.

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@salma_almerri on instagram

4. Abdulqader Alrais

culture and islamic artist

Abdulqader Alrais is a household name in the UAE. Being a self taught emirati artist, his work perfectly mends middle eastern culture with islamic art. He uses arabic calligraphy and adds islamic patterns to his art pieces to create the perfect blend. He uses mainly primary colors which catches the viewers attention very easily.

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5. Azra

culture and islamic art

Azra completely changed the outlook on henna art. Henna is used traditionally in the Middle East as a form of celebration. When someone has henna on their hands, you know that they are celebrating a wedding, eid, or anything as such. Azra took the cultural significance of henna and celebrated art through it. She uses henna to create intricate patterns and also pictures.

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6. Nourie Flayhan

islamic and culture artist

Nourie Flayhan is a Dubai based illustrator that tells stories through her art form. Every single piece differs from another. The colors she uses are muted yet also very bright. She easily mixes different middle eastern cultures and islamic art and patterns together. She uses prominent taboos in the Arab world and speaks up about them through her art while still respecting the culture. Also, she mixes the modern world with the heritage of the middle east.

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@nouriflayhan on instagram

7. Azza Alqubaisi

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Azza Alqubaisi is a very prominent Emirati sculptor. With her sculptures sprouted around the UAE, she is very well known for the organic shapes she creates. Also, she weaves in important islamic and middle eastern symbols within her work such as calligraphy and the use of organic materials.

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8. Firas Bardan

islamic artist

Firas Bardan is an Emirati artist based in Sharjah. He focuses on islamic art through illustration as well as portraits of middle eastern figures. He uses digital art and illustration techniques to create interesting shapes that turn into large illustrative pieces. Also, he dabbles in Arabic typography.

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9. Mohamed Alastad

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Mohamed Alastad is one of the most established Emirati artists. His works are based on symbols within the Emirati culture. He uses realism to show the culture of the UAE through his pieces. Additionally, he uses important landscapes to capture the essence of Emirati heritage and culture.

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@m_alastad on instagram

10. Nawaf Aldossari

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Nawaf Aldossari is an Emirati artist who also focuses on the importance of mixing culture with modernity. His medium is digital art and typography. Moreover, he uses the colors black and white to hone in his attention to detail. In addition to digital art, he does use traditional art forms to create portraits.

For more information, visit:

@artistnawaf on instagram

We hope you enjoyed this accumulated list of artists in the UAE who focus on middle eastern and islamic art.