Over the years, artists have been drawn to use the theme of water in their work. A subject so varied in its dimensions, that it provides a never-ending supply of ideas and nuances for the artist to explore.

‘IMAGINARIUM’, Above the Ocean,Over the sea, opened on Thursday the 5th of September 2019  and will run until Saturday, the 14th of September, at Studio Seven Gallery, Business Bay. Curated by Art4you, Imaginarium exhibited work by 12 talented artists who have delved deep into the ocean of their creative minds and souls and translated the theme in their own unique styles and genres. The interpretations flow from gentle waves and the exquisite, joyful creatures of the sea, to fluid abstract seascapes, to its crystalline beauty. 

The exhibition, Imaginarium has tried to include artists that have depicted various facets of water right from the surface to the very depths…hence the tagline over the ocean, above the sea…Every artist has a vision, that first takes shape in their mind, which they then meticulously render, applying the effects of color and contrast to create a magical mood that mirrors their imagination, thus suspending their vision forever in time, space and on their canvas. Exploring the distinctive character of harbors and sunsets, focusing on nautical and marine life have been an inspiration to artists for time immemorial. Water, with its multitude of moods, tides, its ebb and flow, its iridescent, chromatic marine life, has always been many an artist’sfavourite theme. We hope that likewise the viewers will be enthralled by the dynamic array of artwork

Spain, Guatemala, India, Sudan have all recently been affected by adifferent and violent aspect of water. Floods. As a fitting tribute to Victims of the floods and their families, the exhibition will also showcase a series of work that in an interesting twist deals with an aspect of water that harms rather than heals… floods, a potent reminder that we need to continue to bring awareness, protect and save our fragile ecosystem.


Each of us on the planet has a responsibility to do our part to help protect, care for and enhance our beautiful planet. Imaginarium hopes to bring awareness to that delicate balance between man and the ecosystem, in particularmarine life. Due to mans’ lack of respect for our planet, we sometimes tip the scales resulting in calamities of varied proportion. So instead, our message is to celebrate the ocean and stay tuned in to the challenges that face our beautiful planet today. 

Its wonderful to find those places,

Where all remains peaceful and Imaginarium,

And the movement of creation is slow and steady”!!!

One must agree that the highest form of tolerance would be tolerant and gentle with nature. Hence, we are honoured to have the support of Our Chief Guest of honour  Mr. Yasser AL Gergawi


 Invitees includeMarine biologists and coastal scientists. A short talk on the importance of marine ecosystems to human wellbeing was also delivered by our eminent speaker Ms.Marina Antonopoulou.