Elior is one of the most popular artists in Israel with a fascinating story of his creative journey. I was extremely happy to connect with him via social, chat about art and invite him to Dubai. Months later, he has come to Dubai as the first Israeli artist to do an art residency and create with local artists. Read our interview ahead go his art exhibition at the Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown.

Could you tell us more about yourself and your creative journey?

‏I grew up in Tel Aviv in Israel. My journey began with my love and passion for art. I drew because I like to revive the page or material I draw on. I started from the promenade in Tel Aviv and drew cartoons for $ 5. I slowly discovered more methods and that art is my way of life through which I tell people’s life stories and connect hearts.

Since it is your first time in Dubai, What do you think of Dubai city?

Dubai is beyond anything I thought, there are amazing energies here, amazing people, special buildings, history and tradition that is fascinating to see and connect to it from all sides. It is impossible to walk down the street without seeing and feeling the history and tradition in Dubai. All the people I met welcomed me warmly, respected me and wanted me to feel as much fun and comfortable as possible.
In my opinion, Dubai combines modernity with tradition in an extraordinary way.

Are you happy about the peace treaty? What opportunities and positive change will it bring in your opinion?

‏I am very happy with the peace treaty. We are all human beings and more than material opportunities it will give us a chance to get to know the tradition of both countries and the special people,For me personally Dubai gave a lot of inspiration. Of course this will bring business and artistic opportunities and each of the countries has something to give and offer. We are already waiting to host in the State of Israel.

How is your art residence at Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown going?
Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtowni makes me feel at home. Beyond the amazing looks, service and quality I was given a unique opportunity to incorporate the art and speak it. This is a hotel whose whole essence is art and culture and they host me exceptionally well.

How do you feel to be the first isareli artist to do an art residence in dubai and collaborate with local artists?

‏It is a huge honor for me and I am all thankful that I can collaborate with local artists. Together we create a work of art in which everyone brings their own perspective, traditions and artistic style.

Could you tell me more about the collaboration with other artists that you are working on?

‏Unequivocally, art is a special language. You do not have to know how to speak English or Hebrew or Arabic to understand and love it. Art animates reality and brings hearts together.

Do you believe art has a power to connect people and bridge cultures?

‏A combination of tradition, culture, energies and uniqueness. And all these in one language- in art.

What can we expect to see during the Peace of Art Night?

Expect an evening filled with art at one of the most vibrant hotels in Dubai. We will unveil an artwork I created together with local artists and I will be doing a live painting as well.

To learn more about the event visit www.hotelindigodubai.com

To watch our interview with Elior as the part of the “Meet the Artist” series go to @arte8lusso

Slava Noor, Astrid Lesuisse and Elior at Hotel Indigo Downtown Dubai

Stay inspired,

Slava Noor