dubai art exhibition artist Victor Sitali - African Hue's
During the month of August Le Meridien Fairway hotel is proudly named home to the arrival of an extraordinary exhibition by Artist Victor Sitali.

Showcasing a vibrant celebration of African culture and creativity for one month, his captivating exhibition will be on display in the hotel lobby from July 31st until August 31st.  

Presenting a diverse collection of pieces, Sitali’s newest exhibition will be of his latest collection: “African Hue’s”. Offering visitors and hotel guests a remarkable journey through the rich heritage and artistic expression of Africa and guests will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of traditional and contemporary African art.  

Featuring a wide range of bold artistic styles, mediums, and themes, the exhibition will provide a comprehensive view of colorful “African Hues” and spectators will be able to explore the interplay of colors, forms, and narratives that define the Victor’s artistic talents. Victor who has chosen each piece thoughtfully to exhibit at Le Meridien Fairway Hotel said “It’s an honour to showcase my new collection at Le Meridien Fairway Hotel on 31st July from 7-9pm. This collection is really close to my heart, as I take great inspiration from the colorful nature of Africa’s vegetation, and the beautiful colors of African fabrics in my country Zambia. Mostly worn by women, the popular and respectable clothing called “Chitenge” is a strong theme in my collection.” 

Sitali is an artist, photographer, designer and painter from Zambia and has been living in Dubai for 17 years. Victor, who has been hearing impaired since the age of three, found a way to express his voice through painting.  

“We are thrilled to host Victor Sitali’s remarkable art exhibition at Le Meridien Fairway.” said Saskia Evraert Hotel Manager of Le Meridien Fairway Hotel. “His new collection is a welcome expression of creativity and will captivate our guests and visitors alike.” 

On Monday, July 31st Le Meridien Fairway will be opening its doors to the public and art aesthete’s to enjoy, where guests can explore the unique handcrafted pieces. The African Hue’s art exhibition at the will be open to the public daily from 10am to 9pm and admission is free.  

For more information on the African Hue’s collection and Artist Victor Sitali please visit Instagram @Victorsitali_ and facebook page Victor Sitali artistry.