Four friends have accomplished a historic 39-day row across the treacherous Pacific Ocean, joining the ranks of only 82 people in history who have achieved this remarkable feat before their launch from California. This extraordinary journey not only tested their physical endurance but also exemplified the power of friendship, uniting them as true brothers.

Despite facing relentless storms, bone-chilling cold, and unpredictable rogue waves, the team displayed unwavering courage and determination. Their mission extended beyond personal achievement, as they raised funds and awareness for marine conservation in partnership with Blue Marine Conservation and supported the Invictus Games Foundation, aiding veterans through the power of sport.

Paris Norriss, acclaimed for his “Guy in Dubai” series and upcoming “Guy in the Sky,” played a pivotal role in this quartet of adventurers. Known for his captivating storytelling, Paris Norriss has taken viewers on enthralling journeys through “Guy in Dubai,” captivating audiences worldwide. “I am deeply honored to be part of this awe-inspiring journey with Oli, Harry, and Barney,” expressed Paris. “Our friendship served as an anchor through every challenge, and we discovered the true essence of teamwork.”

The team’s commitment to each other’s safety surpassed bravado and ego, fostering an incredibly supportive and united force. Oli and Harry, lifelong friends, remarked, “We started as friends but emerged as four brothers.” This camaraderie proved invaluable as they navigated the vast expanse of the Pacific.

Paris Norriss and his companions are eager to share their extraordinary experience, not just as achievers but as friends. Their story embodies human potential and showcases the profound impact of friendship that transcends borders, inspiring millions worldwide.

The quartet expresses heartfelt gratitude to their sponsors, whose unwavering support made this monumental journey possible. Among the esteemed sponsors are Lagatum, GSB Global and Group GAC.

About Paris Norriss

Paris Norriss is a renowned storyteller, acclaimed for his widely popular “Guy in Dubai” series, captivating audiences worldwide. His upcoming “Guy in the Sky” series promises to take viewers on enthralling journeys through the skies, offering a unique perspective on global adventures. With his distinctive storytelling style, Paris weaves together fascinating narratives that leave audiences inspired and longing for more.

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