What a Wonderful World…
Created by MIA Art Collection, curated by a team of international curators, and in collaboration with DIBA Gallery, this exhibition is the first photography exhibition exclusively with women photographers, in Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi. The central theme of the exhibition is the realities of
distress and inequality in our society, of displacement of people and communities driven by political conflict, natural and human-caused disasters, human rights violations, and violence, unfolding before our eyes, laying bare the fragility of our society as we experience it every day.
A visit to the world as it is unfortunately lived by many and as seen through the discerning lenses of accomplished female artists, offering a multi-faceted exploration through the power of visual storytelling.

photo by Marco Fraschetti

The significance of a photographic exhibition featuring women artists lies in the unique perspective they bring to the portrayal of the world around us. By showcasing their work, we have an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the diverse experiences and viewpoints of women. This enriches our cultural landscape and challenges traditional narratives and stereotypes. Through their photographs, women artists offer us a window into their lives, challenging us to reconsider our preconceptions and expand our understanding of the world in which we live. Their work is a powerful reminder of the importance of diverse representation and the value of including all voices in cultural panorama, in our wonderful world.

Marco Fraschetti

Amidst the exhibition’s immersive landscapes, one discovers aesthetics and a profound sociocultural commentary forced human displacement emerges as a potent force, a prism through which the artists explore the experiences of women barred from their homelands, forcing them to live abroad and away from their known habitat These artists assert themselves as champions of human empathy and advocates for the displaced, articulating their narratives with compassion and insight. This exhibition transcends visual delight, it is a chorus of the feminine viewpoint into delicate and intense expressions. It beckons art critics and enthusiasts to immerse themselves in its artistic intricacies, decoding a multi-layered narrative that will surely resonate with generations, honoring the powerful, unspoken stories that women artists bring to light. Previous applauded MIA Art Collection exhibitions systematically attracted a high number of visitors ranging between 2.500 and 3.500 persons, from the public and private sector, art lovers, students, government organizations, collectors, and critics. The Exhibition takes place during Abu Dhabi Art and will expect a similar number of visitors. MIA Art Collection has a long-standing collaboration with press agencies and publications, ensuring visibility and coverage across borders in the region and to the world.

Alejandra Castro – Asareh Ebrahimpour
photo by Marco fraschetti

MIA Art Collection focused on creating visibility and supporting women artists in a responsible, sustainable and global way. In 2020 MIA Art Collection launched the first Virtual Museum exclusively for women artists “MIA Anywhere” and engages in numerous support projects on a global scale including art exhibitions, scholarships, MIA Residence, to name a few. Following in the footsteps of the successful MIA ART Collection exhibitions in Dubai, UAE titled “Fragi-lity” in 2023, “Serendipity” in 2022 and “Sense of Women” in 2021, MIA ART Collection is proud to present its first Exhibition in Abu Dhabi, presenting carefully selected photography by exclusively women photographer artists from across the world, on a central theme of conflict, injustice and human displacements captured through the eyes of the female artists. The exhibition is titled ‘What a Wonderful World’ and can be visited in Etihad Towers, Diba Gallery, between November 22nd and December 10th, dates carefully tailored to the renowned ART Abu Dhabi Exhibition. The Exhibition, endorsed by our numerous collaborators and supporters, will be a meeting place for special events including roundtable discussions, artist presentations, guided tours and workshops, organized by the MIA Art Collection team. The visitor will enjoy observing the feminine artists viewpoint on today’s contemporary society and its realities, captivated by the different approaches and perspectives of these global women artists on matters of actuality.

Alejandra Castro Rioseco – Director of the Mia Art Collection

photo by Marco Fraschetti

Marco Fraschetti – Asareh Ebrahimpour
Yuliia Korienkova

Founder of MIA Art collection:
Alejandra Castro Rioseco
Director of the project:
Yuliia Korienkova
Hana Sammak Kurdi
Virtus Del Hoyo
Pepe Baena

photo by Marco Fraschetti