The MIAF International Art Fair is back with its 3rd edition which will take place from September 27 to 30 this year at Vivéa Business Park, Moka Smart City. This initiative will be made possible thanks to the collaboration of Moka Smart City, the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA), and Phoenix Beverages Group.

The theme of this edition, “Embracing Our Past – Enlightening Our Future”, resonates like a harmonious ode to diversity and inclusiveness, underlined by the two pillars of recognition and innovation. Just as our ancestors drew wisdom from their past, shaping the present we inhabit today, artists are called to use their creations as catalysts. They are invited to embrace the fabric of their personal stories and to project a vision of a society in harmony with our collective destiny.

For this major international art festival, more than 100 artists from regional and international countries as well as local artists will be invited to participate, thus promoting an enriching cultural exchange. MIAF is being made possible by Zaahirah Muthy, founder and initiator of MIAF and ZeeArts Ltd, based in Dubai and Mauritius. The MIAF will focus on four axes, in particular the international art exhibition with the opening scheduled for September 27, open to the public from September 28 to 30. Then, the Conference on ‘Harnessing Art as an Investment to Catalyze Creative Ecosystem Transformation’ will take place on September 28, followed by a cultural visit with participating artists and invited panellists at the House of Digital Art in Edith, Port-Louis on September 29th. Another important event of this festival, ‘Tribute to our late Artists’, will take place at the Eureka house in Moka during the evening of September 29, in order to pay tribute to artists who are no longer with us, such as Roger Charoux, Said Hossanee, Tristan Bréville and Vaco Baissac. This commemoration will be carried out in collaboration with the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) through a mini documentary featuring the works of these illustrious artists, which will be launched on the day of the ‘Tribute to our late Artists’ event at Eureka House.

MIAF 2023 will close in grand style on Saturday September 30 with two special events, ‘Little Picasso’ and ‘Artist Avenue’. The ‘Little Picasso’ Workshop is a socially engaged initiative dedicated to developing the artistic talents of children in disadvantaged regions of Mauritius. Our young artists will benefit from the tutelage of local and international talents, creating an environment conducive to their artistic development, with the support of the ENL Foundation. The Little Picasso Workshop has already left its mark in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Bangladesh, as well as at the 1st and 2nd edition of the Mauritius International Art Fair in Port Louis, we are renewing this initiative this time in Moka. This year’s Little Picasso aligns with one of the three axes defined by the ENL Foundation, which aims to promote the well-being of children and conviviality in neighbourhoods.

Meanwhile, ‘Artist Avenue’ provides a creative platform where artists explore our responsibilities to the planet’s ecosystem through art. At Vivea Business Park, artists have a unique space to express their messages to the world, promoting connections between them, inclusiveness, and reflection on the stimulating theme of “Sustainability in Action”.

The conference on the theme ‘Harnessing Art as an Investment to Catalyze Creative Ecosystem Trans-formation’ is at the heart of this event. It is with great pride that ZeeArts invites for the first time Christie’s, a world leader in art and luxury, renowned for its live and online auctions, as well as its private bespoke sales, to participate to this event. Meagan Kelly Horsman, Managing Director of Christie’s, will be the guest of honour at MIAF 2023 and will take part in the conference by sharing her expertise. The conference aims to merge art and investment while exploring how these fields intertwine to shape the evolution of creative ecosystems. The topics covered during this day of discussion and reflection will be “Transformative Investments: The Artistic Catalyst for Ecosystem Evolution,” “Curating Wealth: The Mastery of Art Collection,” and “Navigating Sustainable Investments: Exploring the SDGs.”

For this artistic and cultural event, the MIAF is delighted to share the immense pleasure with the Mauritian public of joining it and participating in the activities. ZeeArts founder Zaahirah Muthy adds: “We express our sincere gratitude to our partners, sponsors and stakeholders for their unwavering support, which has made MIAF the cornerstone of cultural innovation. The presence of Christie’s Among Us, as an internationally recognized institution specializing in art, is a blessing to Mauritian art. Join us to weave stories, bring generations together and spark change through the unifying language of art.”

After the success of MIAF 2022, MIAF begins a new chapter by remaining determined to position Mauritius as a primary destination for art and culture in the region. Through cultural tourism and investment in art, ZeeArts encourages the creation of a thriving arts eco-system that resonates beyond our borders. MIAF 2023 wants art to tell this story through its transformational power to provide new perspectives on the past and the future. MIAF 2023 has already taken its first steps with the launch of the ‘SDGs Through Arts’ project in Rodrigues, in collaboration with 17 artists from the region.

According to Zaahirah Muthy, “we effectively conveyed the message of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to the esteemed artists of the region. Through this dynamic and collaborative workshop, these artists engaged in painting, exchange of ideas, and embraced the power of inclusion.” The success of this project is due in part to the generous support of the Commission for Art and Culture and the British Council Mauritius, who played an essential role in bringing the ‘SDGs Through Arts’ project to Rodrigues. Mr. Jean Alain Wong So, Acting Commissioner for Arts and Culture, and Ms. Hafiza Jepaul, Director of the British Council Mauritius, supported the event with their presence.

Thus, the 3rd edition of the MIAF wants to move forward with the motto ‘Accessibility and Appreciation for Arts’. Zaahirah Muthy strongly believes that art is a universal language to connect people and be a catalyst for social change. Be ready for an artistic and cultural synergy on September 27, 28, 29 and 30.

The partners who made the 3rd edition of the Mauritius International Art Fair possible: Moka Smart City, the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, the Ministry of Arts and Cultural Heritage, Oficea, AfrAsia Bank, Phoenix Beverages Limited, Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation, Zethical, British Council, Musea, House of Digital Art, Engen, Eureka, Vivo energy, Biocom, Orijin Consulting, Ravior, Platform Africa.