OBLONG Contemporary Gallery has opened “The Nascence”, a selection of artworks from the world’s foremost sculptors . Oblong isa must visit art gallery in dubai

OBLONG Contemporary Gallery has opened “The Nascence, a selection of artworks from the world’s foremost sculptors which the public is invited to view until 14 December 2019.

Located in Bluewaters Island, OBLONG Contemporary Gallery will showcase some of the most prolific and prominent artists’ works created in Pietrasanta, the Tuscan town in Italy famous for its marble and bronze workshops and where artists have gathered across centuries since the time of Michelangelo.

OBLONG Contemporary Gallery will function as a platform for cross-cultural art exchange. The debut exhibition will showcase the works of Igor Mitoraj, Stefano Bombardieri, Pablo Atchugarry, Robert Indiana, Gustavo Velez, Helidon XhiXha and Jimenez Deredia, to name a few. For most of these artists, Pietrasanta has played a significant role in the development of their artistic careers.

The new art gallery was born by three entrepreneurial women: Mara Firetti, Emanuela Venturini and Paola Marucci whose love for art brought them together and inspired them to create a platform for cross-cultural exchange in the UAE, a country that has emerged as an international hub engaging in the promotion of art and culture.

The gallery’s name was derived from the ‘oblong’ shape, which comes from three other shapes; a square, a circle and a rectangle. Firetti, Marucci and Venturini described the shape as a representation of their different backgrounds and characters.

The three women have selected the theme “The Nascence to highlight the Gallery’s entry into Dubai’s art scene. “Nascence means being born or coming into existence for the first time, the development of something new or the emerging of a great potential, which is what the Gallery is all about,” states Firetti, an art dealer and artist promoter who has aided in the development of several renowned artists careers.

“The opening of OBLONG Contemporary Gallery will establish a creative space for artists primarily focused on sculpture. Our vision is to bring different artists together, share their experiences and connect them with other artists. The gallery will host a strong programme of workshops, educational initiatives and a cross-cultural art exchange programme between Dubai and Pietrasanta. It is my dream to see monumental sculpture works be part of Dubai’s art scene,” says Firetti.

“I believe art is an instrument for social and cultural integration through which the differences between cultures are merged. The UAE is becoming the center of art in the Middle East, thanks to the vision of its respective leaders who have embraced art in different ways. The country is home to more than 200 nationalities who have individual preference for art, and I am thrilled about the contribution that the opening of OBLONG Contemporary Gallery will make.  I envision it to bolster the art scene in Dubai and the UAE through the different exhibitions, workshops and activities that we will offer,” adds Marucci, who has lived in Pietrasanta for the past 20 years.

Venturini, an architect and curator whose experience in interiors is combined with a love of art and artists, adds: “Dubai has a vibrant art scene and is home to galleries that showcase single and individual projects, paving the way for artists to highlight their work. OBLONG Contemporary Gallery will promote modern and contemporary international art, bringing the works of the world’s famous sculptors to Dubai, allowing artists and sculpture lovers to appreciate the art in a completely different manner.”

The two-month exhibition is open for free to the public from 15 October until 14 December 2019, Sunday – Saturday, 12pm to 10pm.

For more info on the gallery visit the website http://www.oblongcontemporary.com