Luxury beauty range Argan Liquid Gold

Beauty fanatics can rejoice as renowned UK brand, Argan Liquid Gold has finally made its way to the Middle East. With a luxurious beauty range made with 100% pure, organic first grade Argan Oil enhanced with 24 carat gold to fightagainst aging, revitalise and heal skin, provide cellular protection and promote new cell growth. 

Luxury Skincare Argan Liquid Gold

The increasing demand from the Middle Eastern consumers for high quality natural and ethical beauty products was the driving force for Argan Liquid Gold to expand in the region, and the brand is excited for all beauty enthusiasts to experience its unique range of products from cleansers, day and night creams, a luxury beauty oil and BB cream – alldesigned to elevate the daily skincare routine and provide a timeless beauty experience.

Foaming Cleanser by Argan Liquid Gold

Argan Liquid Gold was founded by British-Moroccan May Hamid, an expert facialist with more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry and a reputable client list of celebrities and influencers in the UK and Middle East region.May found current Argan products in the market underwhelming, with vendors soaking the Argan seeds in solvents and chemicals – resulting in lower grade oil that can actually cause more harm than good to the skin.

Natures Luxury Beauty Oilby Argan Liquid Gold

May dedicated years of research and travel to oversee the production of Argan Oil herself, supplying ingredients directly from suppliers in Morocco and ensuring the oil is in its purest form and not diluted or mixed with other chemicalswhen shipped to consumers. Argan Liquid Gold sets itself apart from competitors in the marketing by manufacturing products that are free from toxins, chemicals and carefully packaged in black bottles to preserve ingredients and prevent them from oxidising for maximum efficacy.

The Argan Liquid Gold range consists of six products, designed to revitalise and transform skin with its anti-ageingproperties, especially when used in conjunction with one another.

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