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Andakulova Gallery, is a contemporary art gallery collaborating with MORROW Collective for the first NFT exhibition curated by Anna Seaman.

Andakulova Gallery has announced its official launch as a partner of MORROW Collective for the first NFT exhibition curated by Anna Seaman. MORROW collective’s inaugural exhibition GENESIS will take place from May 28th to June 20th, 2021 at the Origin Art Museum in Cryptovoxels. Furthermore, MORROW has partnered with global galleries for the exhibition, including New York-based gallery Aicon Gallery, Australia-based gallery China Heights Abu Dhabi-based Salwa Zeidan Gallery and Dubai-based 1×1 Gallery, Carbon 12, Firetti Contemporary, Gulf Photo Plus, Lajarri Gallery, Tabari Art Space, XVA Gallery and Zawyeh Gallery.

MORROW responds to the growing popularity of NFTs by providing galleries the technical support and virtual space required to participate; ultimately mitigating the financial costs and time required to market. With the total crypto art value currently exceeding $755 million USD* as of May 9th and forecast to continue to grow, it spells a prime opportunity for traditional art industry leaders. In addition, MORROW is opening up opportunities for successful artists, existing collectors and established galleries to connect around the world, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Andakulova Gallery has teamed up with MORROW to represent renowned Central Asian artists:
Almagul Menlibayeva, Askhat Ahmediyarov, Bakhodir Jalal and Saule Suleimenova.

Almagul Menlibayeva is a Kazakhstani artist and curator who splits her timebetween Kazakhstan and Germany. She is greatly interested in influences that often resurface when investigating the contemporary Kazakh reality. Menlibayeva is among the first Post-Soviet generation of artists in Central Asia who raise metaphysical questions and try to rethink their belief system; a sensitive subject for all recently liberated nations due to the breakdown of the USSR. Menlibayeva’s prime aim is to situate female identity in this new framework of national and cultural identity, often reviving vigorous female characters from the local myths and legends through modern technology. Menlibayeva’s art is widely acknowledged, receiving attention from such institutions as MoMA, New York, the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Her artworks were also acquired by the Louis Vuitton collection. Menlibayeva
was awarded the prestigious Kino Der Kunst award in 2013 for her Transoxiana Dreams (2011).

Almagul Menlibayeva
Transoxiana Dreams

Askhat Ahmediyarov is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Astana, newly built capital of Kazakhstan, a truly futuristic city rising up from the Kazakh steppe. He is one of the well-established artists in the region. His 2016 solo-show at the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana was his first comprehensive exhibition conceived to reflect the numerous conceptual approaches to art that he explores. Askhat’s exhibition history includes exhibitions at The Soros Centre for Contemporary Art (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Art Dubai 2014 Marker section.
He has participated in international biennials in Singapore (2013) and the 56th Venice Biennale in a group exhibition ‘Protagonists. The invisible Pavilion of Kazakhstan’.

Dubai art Art in dubai Dubai artist Art in UNuted arab emirates Dubai art gallery Online art magazine arte 8 lusso
Askhat Ahmediyarov
Cartogram, 2016, Digital print on Hahnemühle fine art bamboo paper
100 x 100 cm, Edition 1/5

Bakhodir Jalal’s career spans over 40 years and covers a remarkable period in history of his native Uzbekistan. He is one of the most influential artists producing works that merges various techniques with references to this country’s ancient tradition, heritage and sociopolitical climate. “A line to eternity” is one of recent publications about the journey of Bakhodir Jalal. His artworks have been displayed in international museums and collected by royal families. He received the highest awards for reinvigoration the mural genre, winning the USSR State Prize in 1984 and the Uzbekistan State Prize in 1991.

Bakhodir Jalal
Cycle Of Life, 2021

Saule Suleimenova is a visual artist who works with edge-of-the-art techniques and media, including recycled plastic, cellophane and polycarbonate. Her work has had a strong social impact in Kazakhstan and she takes part in educational, ecological and other social events. Saule Suleimenova’s work has been acquired by the Sharjah Art Foundation, sold in Christie’s auction in London, and exhibited at Self Festival of the 56th Venice Biennale, Manifesta 11 in Zürich, Second Moscow Biennale, East of Nowhere exhibition in Turin, Foundation 107, One Belt One Road exhibition of Hong Kong Women Federation and in many other local and international

Saule Suleimenova
Part II, One steppe forward
132X185 cm, Plastic bags on polyethylene, 2019

MORROW is founded by artist Jennifer Stelco, curator and art writer Anna Seaman and communications director Claire Harris, who collectively provide a holistic approach to art, technology and merging of the two entities. To further bolster the venture’s entry into the market, MORROW has partnered with Origin Art Museum, a group of cryptoart collectors who own a large selection of work by new and established NFT artists, and who are passionate about growing the scene.

For more information visit the website: and Instagram @andakulova and @andakulovagallery