Retro interior design Bobbi Beck wallpapers
Step back in time with Bobbi Beck's newly-launched Retro Stripes wallpaper collection.

Retro interior design is making a comeback and this small collection of bold new wallpaper designs bring warmth, glam and flair.

The collection features three striking designs; Sash, Carson and Otto, which have been designed with a 1970s California aesthetic in mind. An eclectic mix of warm colours, patterns and groovy motifs to encapsulate the ever iconic era. 

“We are witnessing a resurgence of the retro theme in interior design,” says James Mellan-Matulewicz, Creative Director of Bobbi Beck. “Incorporating retro elements into a space creates a nostalgic environment and allows for a playful and vibrant mood.” 

James goes on to say that, “These bold patterns are being favoured over the minimalistic and beige trends, offering a departure from mainstream and generic design trends.”

The retro-inspired wallpapers create a thrilling journey back in time, infusing spaces with spirit and playfulness. Whether you are seeking to create a nostalgic haven, a vintage-inspired room, or a unique statement wall, they are designed to captivate and inspire. Step into the groove of the 70s and transform your living spaces into a captivating homage to the golden era. 

About Bobbi Beck

Bobbi Beck is a carbon neutral design & print studio with a focus on producing luxury wallpapers without damaging the planet. We work from a dedicated design and print studio in Cornwall, where our team crafts each collection and packs every roll, by hand.

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