UNHCR Salama Mohamed World Refugee Day
World Refugee Day, observed annually on June 20th, is the international day dedicated to honoring the strength and courage of millions of individuals and families who have been forcibly displaced from their homes due to conflict, persecution, or natural disasters, and this year the theme is “Hope away from home: A world where refugees are always included”, focusing on creating more opportunities for refugees; and more hope.

In the same spirit of giving hope and providing refugees opportunities to thrive and provide for their families, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency’s High Profile Supporter Salama Mohamed’s Peacefull embarked on a collaboration with MADE51, an inspiring UNHCR initiative that empowers refugee artisans by providing them with opportunities to earn income through artisanal work. Through MADE51, Peacefull connected with RefuSHE, a local social enterprise in Nairobi, Kenya, and the refugee women they work with. Together, they designed and created one-of-a-kind items, skillfully handcrafted by talented refugee women in Kenya.

To commemorate this day, Salama and Peacefull are hosted an event at Manaarat Al Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi, to screen the documentary “She and Her Dignity”, and to launch the limited-edition t-shirt towels crafted by refugee women in Kenya for Peacefull and developed in collaboration with MADE51. 

The documentary captures Salama’s inspiring journey as she travels to Kenya to meet resilient displaced women who are reclaiming their dignity through the art of craftsmanship, while also portraying the rawness and reality of their experiences, helping raise awareness, celebrate success stories, and advocate for the rights of forcibly displaced individuals across the globe.

When asked about the partnership with MADE51 and UNHCR, Salama said, “Peacefull’s collaboration with MADE51, and specifically with the talented women in Kenya, has been a true labor of love. In joining hands and hearts, through our shared experience and collective efforts, Peacefull’s ‘She and Her Dignity’ documentary portrays the transformative power of compassion and resilience – and celebrating, above all, the unbreakable human spirit.”

Refugees want opportunities, not handouts. They wish to be self-reliant and are eager to use their talents and passions to contribute to the communities hosting them. We can all do more to give refugees more hope – and more opportunities – while they are away from home. We are proud and grateful of the important work and partnership with Salama and her brand Peacefull, in providing refugees opportunities to work, and provide for their families.

Houssam Chahine, UNHCR’s Chief of Private Sector Partnerships in MENA

Salama Mohamed, a High-Profile Supporter of UNHCR since 2017, has consistently demonstrated her commitment by visiting field operations in Uganda, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Lebanon.  Through the “Purchase with a Purpose” corporate social responsibility initiative of her company Peacefull, a portion of funds raised from sales of the exclusive t-shirt towel will be allocated as donations to UNHCR, effectively giving back to marginalized communities and empowering them to regain economic independence while preserving their cultural heritage and stories. This initiative showcases the transformative power of collaboration and demonstrates a tangible way to support and uplift forcibly displaced individuals on their journey toward self-reliance.

To watch the documentary “She and Her Dignity” click here.

To purchase the limited-edition t-shirt towels, click here.