MIA Art Collection present: “Sense of Women” Art Exhibition at the ME Hotel Dubai Zaha Hadid. The Undisputed growth that has had the MIA Art Collection during last year, has led this private art collection, created by feminist philanthropist Alejandra Castro Rioseco, to make their first physical art exhibition in the prestigious ME Hotel Dubai, designed by Zaha Hadid. “Sense of Women” is an exhibition project of the MIA Art Collection that seeks to highlight the creative and artistic work of 9 women artists from different parts of the world. They all come from different countries, ages, and cultures, but with a common motive: to marl an era, a milestone in the journey to a more sustainable and fairer future for women.

Curated by the MIA’s official curators of Europe, Semíramis González, and Asia: Alejandra Rodríguez Cunchillos; this exhibition shows to the world the work of Noemi Iglesias Barrios (Spain), Patricia Millns (UK), Aisha Al Ahmadi (UAE), Ana Daganzo (Spain), Verónica Ruth Frías (Spain), Mari Ito (Japan), Akiko Nakayama (Japan), Liubov Kolbina (Russia) and Fatima Al Kindi (UAE). Their work moves from science, education, to techniques such as sewing, ceramic, painting, porcelain, and the use of technology.

The “Sense of Women” exhibition embodies different elements of being a women artist: the search of balance between being a woman and being an artist, the pressure of technology and social media in the artistic production of pieces that can caught the interest of the media, and how to reflect a ‘pandemic viewer’ who is looking – probably now more than ever – to identify himself/herself through art, who needs time to reflect, to take time to grieve and to return to a new world. Therefore, this art exhibition is opened with five sculptural pieces by Noemí Iglesias Barrios called “breathe”, to remember what we have lived during these times.

“Sense of Women is an exhibition full of feelings, emotions, with technology, virtual reality and the beauty of the simplicity of our memories, of how we feel, of how we want – as women -, to be part of a more balanced world, a more beautiful and a more subtle one, in the city of Dubai, full of opportunities”. – says Alejandra Castro Rioseco, the Founder and Director of the MIA Art Collection says:



‘Off love’ is a multidisciplinary installation that researches into how human emotions and affective bonds are established through social media in these times of social distancing. The artist, Noemí Iglesias Barrios, is a Spanish sculptress specialized in porcelain. In her work, she reproduces an industrial floral technique to outline the current commodification of falling in love, and how emotional patterns are socially assumed as commercial icons in the production of a romantic utopia. Noemi is a clear example of contemporary nomadism; since 2009, she has lived and worked in Greece, England, Finland, Italy, Hungary, China and Korea.


Patricia was born in England and Middle East based for 38 years. She works around the idea of sequence and repetition, almost ritual, with means such as textiles and sewing, which acquire a new meaning and fluidity where the viewer feels challenged by the final result. She has been elected Fellow Royal Society of Arts London UK (FRSA), and IAPA, UNESCO. Advisory of American University Dubai, and she is an Ambassador for Dubai Design District. Lifetime Achievement Awards Motivate UAE 2018.


Born in 1997, and raised in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Aisha Al Ahmadi is an artist, writer and aspiring curator. Her work is often research based and centered around themes of identity politics, truth, and perception. The artist aims to establish some sort of middle ground with her work, a form of reconciliation and a sense of belonging. The mediums she feels most comfortable expressing herself in are drawing, printmaking, painting, photography, and sculpture.


Ana is a visual artist currently living in Madrid, Spain. She explores a vision that focuses on the particularities of the eye as an instrument, and the phenomena caused by it. Ana works with the imaginary of abstract forms, spots, silhouettes, and flashes to create a photographic language of her own. Her work is guided by curiosity, through observation and in-depth investigation of some forgotten disciplines, discarded theories or elements that can be re-examined through art. The different branches of science, the occult, perception, and the ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ worlds are some of the points from where Ana starts, in order to create a new visual and symbolic imageries.


Verónica is a Spanish feminist artist. Her work is formed through performances, in which her body is the subject of work. Verónica graduated in Fine Arts from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, in Seville. Appropriation, costumes and tattoos are some of her tools, as she places her body at the service of her art. Sarcasm, irony and humor are fundamental for the artist, although she deals with serious issues such as feminism, motherhood, violence against women, and the discrimination against women in art history.

MARI ITO, Japan – Spain

The work of the artist Mari Ito (Tokyo, 1980) immerses us in her particular imaginary, allows us to enter her dream worlds, but something alerts us: the conformation and expression of these apparent flowers, make us inquire about other questions that suggest. The development of science and technology have brought with them a whole series of consequences that are invited to reflect on.


The work of the artist Akiko Nakayama (Tokyo, 1998) represents the beauty of life and its transience. The use of science and technology allows us to experience the metamorphosis of painting in the first person, as if it were a living being, a metaphor for various aspects of nature. This installation invites us to let ourselves be carried away by color and its energy and to dream of the different forms that its images suggest.


Liubov was born in Siberia, where she studied Art in Novosibirsk. Painting in the abstract style, Liubov works mainly with oil acrylic paints on canvas. Her style of painting reflects the life experiences of the artist which begin in her native Russia. FATIMA AL KINDI Fatima is an artist from the UAE who choose to be inspired and enthusiastic about the most unlikely things, giving her a special meaning to the ordinary, transforming it from the mundane to the special. Her large canvases paintings are a way to bring her to the present form, where everything else seems minuscule.