Oblong Gallery presents art exhibition "The Art of Explosion" by artist Manu Alguerò from 14th January -to 7th March, 2021.

Oblong Gallery is pleased to present an art exhibition by artist Manu Alguerò, in ‘The Art of Explosion’ from 14th January – 7th March, 2021.

Manu Algueró developed a fascination for explosions at a very young age, loving the festive atmosphere that is infused by fireworks. When he grew up, Algueró pursued his interest and began exploring the concept of the Big Bang.

“I found it interesting that the whole universe, all the planets and stars, were the result of one big explosion,” he says. 

“An explosion is the act of creating something new. It may cause a change to something old, but ultimately it is the beginning of what comes after the explosion. It’s a new chapter in a book and the evolution of life.”

Manu Alguerò

“People may view destruction as a negative thing but always remember that in order to build something new, you first need to get rid of the old. If you want to build a new building, you need to bring down the old one. The same applies when starting a new life — you have to get rid the old ways of living to start fresh.”

For more information, please see: https://oblongcontemporary.com/exhibitions/18-manu-alguero-the-art-of-explosion-dubai/overview/