Thinking Art group exhibition Emirates Fine Arts Society Maraya Art Centre sharjah
Curated by Dr Noha Farran. Organised by the Emirates Fine Arts Society, hosted at Maraya Art Centre. 11 September, 2023 - 11 January, 2024. Featured artists: Hassan Sharif, Dr Najat Makki, Dr Mohammad Yousif, Nujoom Alghanem, Abdullah Al Saadi, Ali Al Abdan and Nasir Nasrallah.

by Marco Fraschetti

This group exhibition serves as a tribute to the artistic prowess of seven established Emirati artists and authors, providing a glimpse into their diverse talents and creative processes. It aims to explore the intricate interplay between intellectual and artistic creativity, delving into the mental and spiritual dialectic that drives their artistic expression.

Photo by our contributor Marco Fraschetti

In addition, the exhibition seeks to illuminate the dynamic interaction between artistic and written forms of expression. By juxtaposing artworks and publications, a fresh and profound perspective on the artists’ output in both disciplines is offered. This way, both the exhibition and its accompanying book create an exceptional opportunity to discover the world of art and explore the invaluable educational resources and visionary insights that have influenced and shaped the cultural and artistic landscape in the Emirates.

Photo by our contributor Marco Fraschetti

The exhibition’s focal point is a prominent circular area, within which the artworks and publications are displayed, providing an opportunity to delve into the preoccupations of the cultural and artistic practitioners from the UAE. The circular layout invites visitors to browse the artists’ publications and view the artists’ creative works in unison. Each section acts as a stage that offers a glimpse into the artists’ creative thoughts.

The artworks blend with publications, the latter ranging from poetry and fiction to diaries and academic research. The exhibition is complemented by a comprehensive publication that chronicles the intellectual and cultural movement in the UAE. The accompanying book, “Thinking Art”, weaves together archival material, extensive academic research, interviews with the artists, and an impressive display of their artworks and publications.

Written by the curator Dr Noha Farran, this book provides a distinctive perspective on the interplay between artists as creators and writers.

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