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Between December 2020 to January 2021, artist Katya Leonovich will display her works at Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery in Dubai. Her works, titled 'New York Series', are composed of scenes in acrylic from the city that never sleeps.

Katya Leonovich describes her artwork as being “the antidote of the casualty of existence.” Her ideals for her acrylic on canvas creations are to break society’s expectations and divert from traditional expressions. Leonovich’s new concept of combining works of art to her background in fashion relates to her idea of creating what she refers to as “moving art”, in other words complete freedom and expression.

“I want to develop another type of beauty, one that allows to deliver a strong message to the world,” says Katya Leonovich. Her New York series are composed of two different parts: “Movements” and “Look Up”. Both are dedicated to the metropolitan city and to the life as such with its flow, speed and heritage.

The “Movement” series

The “New York City Movement” series is telling the story of life as a tunnel. A tunnel that always gives an anticipation of the light in the end, but whose darkness is an actual saturated richness of our lives.Lives that are in constant progress and movement towards that light.

Rich in colours and in expression, these bold works by Katya Leonovich are full of life and movement, reflective of the beauty of life in New York.

In Leonovich’s perspective, New York with its “tunnels” between concrete walls of buildings and open spaces full of light, flooded with endless motion of cars and people, is the perfect scene to express the flow of life. A city that never sleeps. Never stops. And moves faster. Details behind the car window are not so clear anymore, smeared. But you just keep on.Where are you rushing to?

The “Look Up” series

“There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless” – Simone Beauvoir

 In “ Look Up” series artist is taking a closer look to the architectural miracles of older New York, reflecting the influence of Paris in some parts, Rome and Vienna in others and many other cultures from all over the world that are united in this city. Leonovich calls New York – a modern Babylon, an intersection of different worlds, traditions and trends. All it takes to see another side of this city is to distract from shop windows and look up, up to the buildings and listen to their frozen music.

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