ME Dubai welcomes its first Artist in Residence, cultural superstar, Mr Dripping. The residency includes an exhibition of Mr Dripping’s work, together with a pop-up studio and immersive live show.

Dubai, UAE (December 2020)– ME Dubai, the only hotel in the Middle East to be fully designed both inside and out by Dame Zaha Hadid, continues to blaze a trail through the region’s cultural and social scene with the announcement of contemporary artist Mark Rios, aka Mr Dripping, as its first Artist in Residence. This creative collaboration sees one of the world’s most innovative creative talents take up a pop-up studio in ME Dubai’s Atrium by Zaha Hadid, whilst showcasing his works in a temporary display on the hotel’s first floor. 

The partnership was inaugurated and celebrated with a live show in the hotel’s Atrium, held to enhance ME Dubai’s daily Sunset Ceremony.  The mesmerizing event saw the artist create a unique piece in real-time, dripping lines of paint onto a large canvas laid on the floor of The Atrium. The event was attended by a selection of the UAE’s movers and shakers, who were invited to immerse themselves in the process of creation, viewing the canvas from different perspectives in the hotel, for a modern and highly memorable entertainment experience never seen before in Dubai. 

Originally from Barcelona, Mark has quickly risen to prominence for his unique painting style, initially used by Jackson Pollock, consisting of dropping lines of paint onto a canvas laid on the ground, creating floating, dancing, harmonious shapes. Mark was inspired by painting without physically touching the canvas but decided to take Pollock’s method one step forward. 

 Previously, what was just lines of paint, dropped uncontrollably onto a canvas to create something that changed with perception, is now given a realistic, human figure. With this, Mark can create personal pieces according to each person’s tastes, resulting in several high-profile commissions for some of the world’s most famous faces from sport and entertainment. 

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