Ellen Sheidline received Hollywood celebrity cult following including Gigi Hadid, Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, Elle Fanning, Cole Sprouse, to name a few.

Internationally renowned digital artist Ellen Sheidlin announces her first solo NFT-exhibition – Materialization of Sensual Ideas – in Dubai from 11-25 November, 2022 at Art in Space Gallery, Downtown Dubai.

Ellen Sheidlin will be creating an immersive art show at Art in Space Dubai. It is tagged as the most ambitious work in her entire career as she turns the immersive space and acts on the five senses of the viewers. Video, audio, aromas, fog, lighting and temperature effects were all used in the creation of this exhibition.

Materialization of sensual ideas is an animated digital canvas which occupies the entire space of the 360 degree panoramic screen at Art in space. 

The audience will be treated to an unforgettable immersive art experience with fantastical creatures and objects inhabiting the inner world of Ellen. According to the artist’s personal “survirtualism” technique, the most important things are hidden in the subconscious of the persons, in this chaotic constellation of their fantasies.

Ellen Sheidlin – Art

The exhibition Materialization of Sensual Ideas  is a reinterpretation of the galaxy, looking like a kaleidoscope. The whole exhibition is one integral creation, with the facets woven together. 
Hiding behind multicolored pieces of glass and paper, the line and its endless curves have been the main source of inspiration for Ellen that made it possible to realize the main idea of the exhibition. 

The artist has embodied her main idea – to show the infinity and pure natural beauty of human emotions, feelings and thoughts through the depth and unattainable perfection of the star galaxy which one can see and feel but cannot touch. These are new facets of feeling and perception of reality revealed through the immersive NFT exhibition of Ellen Sheidlin.

About The Artist

Ellen Sheidlin is an artist who creates paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations in her own style.

Ellen has a wide international audience of 4.4 million followers on Instagram and her creations have been exhibited in London, Tokyo, Florence, Paris, Palermo, New York, Venice, St Petersburg and Moscow.

Ellen has collaborated with world-renowned brands including Nike, Estee Lauder, Moncler, Bacardi, BMW, Instagram, Swatch, Schwarzkopf, L’Oreal, Coca-Cola and Pepsico.

About Art In Space Gallery

Art in Space Dubai is the first digital gallery in the world with an immersive experience of the five senses.Digital space is a new paradigm in the world of art and its manifestations, with a unique axiological proposition combining technology, galleries, marketplace and digital tools.