RE-Luxury is the first event dedicated to the re-commerce of luxury and collectible objects, as well as to initiatives in the field of the circular economy. Open to the public and professionals alike, the event will welcome some 30 Swiss and international participants

RE-Luxury is the first trade fair dedicated to the Re-Commerce of luxury and collectible objects, but also to initiatives in the field of the circular economy. Organized from 4 to 7 November 2022 at the Hotel Président Wilson in Geneva, this event will welcomes some thirty Swiss and international participants. It is open to the public and to professionals.

Did you know that more pre-owned watches are now sold worldwide than new watches? The market for pre-owned and sustainable luxury items has exploded in recent years, and this is just the beginning. This more economical and environment-friendly trend is especially popular with the younger generation: 70% of female luxury buyers make their first luxury purchase via a vintage product.

Fabienne Lupo officially opening the Reluxury Event

“The luxury resale market is set to last and grow; it completely transforms the notion of ‘consumption’ into ‘investment’; and these are investments that over time often have a value higher than the initial purchase price”, commented Fabienne Lupo, who initiated this new event.

Have you ever bought pre-owned luxury goods – with no anxiety and in a climate of complete confidence and transparency? Do you have precious objects (watches, jewelry, handbags and luxury fashion) that you would like to have valued, certified and potentially resold?
This is exactly what Re-Luxury will enable you to do.

“The world needs to start catereing to Gen Z” – Ebay representative

Catering to Gen Z who care about sustainability, the carbon emissions, the footprint and this is why events like Reluxury are important as it helps to create a passionate community.

Ebay as one of the biggest marketplaces where luxury has always been sold and bought, with 8 pieces of jewelry sold every minute.

Why visit Reluxury?

  • Find and buy rare, unique or collectible pieces, all authenticated and certified by the luxury brands, platforms and retailers present at the Show.
  • Bring your precious objects and have them evaluated by the recognized experts available at the fair.
  • Re-sell your models to the same actors, who are looking for items to buy and resell.
    In short, the aim is to implement this positive circularity that everyone is talking about and that our planet and our economy so desperately need at a practical level.
    Re-Luxury will be a multi-sector showcase for watches, jewelry, fashion, handbags and luxury accessories.
    Among the participants of this first edition is the global ecommerce leader eBay who, as the founding partner of Re-Luxury, will be presenting their unparalleled selection of authentic luxury goods, including handbags, watches and jewelry – top categories for the marketplace.

WatchBox, the world’s leading platform for luxury collectible watches, will be present and will offer a selection of watches from the most respected and established brands as well as emerging independent watchmakers, all certified authentic and covered by a worldwide two-year warranty. WatchBox’s select inventory is complemented by a team of trusted advisors, an international presence and a dynamic media programme, all designed to support the life of a watch collector.
Richard Mille, the brand for devotees of Fine Watchmaking, combines unique expertise – reflecting the greatest respect for watchmaking traditions – with cutting-edge technology and innovation. An uncompromising brand whose ultimate goal is to offer exceptional timepieces. A few rare watches will be on display for visitors to admire on this occasion.
Origyn Foundation, which protects the most valuable luxury objects by issuing certificates of authenticity based on biometric technology, will be a main partner of RE-Luxury Talks.

In addition to this commercial space for the purchase and resale of second-hand luxury items, Re- Luxury will highlight other players in the circular economy in luxury, namely:
Repair and restoration artisans
A selection of the best repair and restoration artisans will be grouped together in the “Clinic”. Visitors will be able to discover and use their expertise to repair, restore, as well as to re-cycle, transform and enhance their precious objects so as make them last.

Start-ups and new players in the circular economy in luxury
Grouped together in the “Lab”, start-ups and new players in the luxury sector will present their technological innovations and above all their new approach to a more responsible and sustainable luxury.

Thanks to the speakers invited to make presentations, visitors will be able to share and meet collectors and experts, as well as to learn and discover new circular economy trends in the luxury world: Re- Commerce, Up-cycling, Re-cycling, Sourcing, Blockchain, NFTs etc. will no longer hold any secrets for Re-Luxury visitors.
Admission fee:
• Price: CHF 30 per person per day.
• 4-day package price: CHF 90 per person.
• Early Birds (before 30 September): CHF 25 per person per day or CHF 75 for the 4 days.
More information on the online ticketing process available at

we need to make luxury accessible for the future generations. Lets cretae the stories together and lets go sell theem together

Stay inspired and fashionable while shopping consciously,

Slava Noor