Hosted at The Theatre in Mall of Emirates, Dubai, join the soloists of the International Menuhin Music Academy for a night of music and conversation with honoured guests.

Since 2015, the prestigious Institut Le Rosey has hosted the Menuhin Academy on its campus in Rolle as the resident orchestra of the Rosey Concert Hall where the best orchestras and musical ensembles from around the world perform for the students and public. The Menuhin Academy also performs in Saanen and Gstaad, the Winter campus of Le Rosey.

On 18 May 2021, The Menuhin Music Academy invites you to experience the magic of Vivaldi and more in the beautiful setting of The Theatre, Mall of Emirates, Dubai. Between Two Worlds, Between Two Centuries takes the audience on an auditory journey across musical periods with a delightful array of musical pieces from the classical to the contemporary. Violinist Oleg Kaskiv, the Academy’s Musical Director, will perform with three Virtuosos: Yosuke Kaneko, cellist, Asako Ilmori, violinist, Jana Stojanovic, violinist.

The first pieces played are Mendelssohn and Schubert, composed in the first half of the 19th century, symbol of the romantic European age. Then, for the New World, comes Dvořák, while he was in New York, and its magnificent cheerful string American Quartet. The same maestro composed the

Symphony of the New World around 1893, his 9th Symphony. The end of the concert offers two Piazzola famous pieces (1974) transporting us to Latin America.

The originality of the Academy is to train virtuosos of the violin, viola and cello, who at the same time learn to play together in renowned halls in Switzerland and abroad. In training of the chamber orchestra, they constitute a renowned Camerata: The Soloists of the Menuhin Academy. The Academy’s aim is to allow these virtuosi to appear in the biggest international competitions and later obtain coveted positions in established orchestras or to pursue a career as a soloist. It is also to make them ambassadors of a tradition of musical excellence and models for generations to come.

The philosophy of the International Menuhin Music Academy is exemplified in Charles Mela’s words, “Music brings us back to the source of our emotions despite all our differences. To lead exceptional young talents from all over the world to fulfill themselves through music and to exemplify the humanist heritage of the founder of the Academy, Lord Menuhin”.

By creating the International Menuhin Music Academy in Gstaad in 1977, Lord Yehudi Menuhin (1916-1999) wanted to bring together young musicians from different cultures, offering them professional-level musical education and the possibility of performing together regularly on stage. Founder of the Gstaad Classical Music Festival and the Academy bearing his name, Lord Menuhin, is still remembered as a world famous violin child prodigy, conductor and humanist. His remarkable humanity, his multi-faceted artistic gifts and his perpetual curiosity were the hallmarks of his creative endeavours.

“Music is a therapy. It is a communication far more powerful than words, far more immediate, far more efficient.”

Tickets will be sold in three tiers: AED 250, AED 300, AED 350

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