Benetton is an Italian artist living in London who returns to Italy with a selection of artworks on display in Milan until 30 June, 2021.

Laura Benetton’s work investigates the close relationship between art, nature and science: where color and movement intersect, dynamic, sophisticated and elegant contemporary artworks come to life. The exhibition offers the visitor the opportunity to interact and enter within this vibrant and energetic path, where the artist aims to challenge the boundaries of painting by inserting neon as an external element of research. The artworks on display represent in fact a wide and diversified range of medium used by Benetton: oils and acrylics, drawings, sketches and multidisciplinary works with neon light.

The scientific and mathematical aspect within her works emerges in the meticulous and precise drawings and sketches, in which trajectories and structures mark the importance of physical and mathematical laws as an indispensable part of the artist’s research. In fact, Laura Benetton’s eye looks at the physical structure of butterflies and birds, at their chromatic spectrum intricately connected to movement and light waves.

About the artist

Laura Benetton Lives and works in London. She studied painting in Venice at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts. Her career as an artist began in Italy after graduating. In 2008 she was selected for the residence of the TAM Palazzo Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, in Urbino, at the end of which she created a large metal sculpture on the facade of the entrance of the building. After her residency she spent some years traveling between Venice, Istanbul, Pesaro and Florence, acquiring a vast artistic experience in the use of different mediums.

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