As a huge fan of opera, I was thrilled to find out that Dubai Opera would bring THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA in October. I was even more excited to get a mysterious invitation to meet the man behind the mask.

The way we got to meet Jonathan Roxmouth was nothing short of surreal. While we were sipping on the finest prosecco on the stage of Dubai Opera, he started singing from the balcony. Later we got to hear the South African actor’s journey and ask him a few questions.

Personally, I was very touched to hear his own story of being bullied in school for being overweight and how that traumatic experience has helped him to connect with the character he is portraying. He argues that the story of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is as relevant today as it was before as being different is not easy in the modern society.

After the media asked all the questions, we got to take a photo with Jonathan, overjoyed with the excitement.

Jonathan Roxmouth is currently appearing in the global tour of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA in Singapore, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, and more. Jonathan, who is also one of the youngest people to ever portray the role of ‘The Phantom’, is looking forward to reprising the role that holds a deep connection with his grandfather, who taught him how to conduct to the cassette of the original London Cast Album.

Chief Executive Officer of Broadway Entertainment Group, Liz Koops said: “Announcing the debut of The Phantom of the Opera was truly a thrilling experience; however, the announcement of the lead role of ‘The Phantom’ played by Jonathan Roxmouth will take Phantom fans by storm. Playing such a legendary role definitely takes hard work and commitment, which Jonathan has proven time and time againthrough his mind blowing acting and vocal performance.”

Jasper Hope, Chief Executive at Dubai Opera added: “THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is a musical theatre phenomenon that is brought to life by its incredible cast and crew. On behalf of Dubai Opera, we look forward to welcoming Jonathan Roxmouth as ‘The Phantom’ this autumn. His performance is set to capture the magic of the venue, the set, and the breath-taking romance that is THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.”

I hope you are as excited as I am about October ?

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