ILLUSIONS by Myrto Dramountani

The designer’s new collection for Autumn-Winter 2019/20 “Illusions” was presented at the 25th Athens Xclusive Designers Week. Once again her clothes come to create hallucinations that are born through the way of cutting the fabrics and its embossed grooves. This year’s colelction is characterized by minimalist forms uniquely combined with vintage aesthetics.
In the AW 2019/20 collection, the design of the collection is true to the designer’s approach: using laser cut techniques, Myrto creates geometric shapes that make it possible to give three-dimensional notches and embossed surfaces to the fabrics. Thus, the clothes gain unexpected property: they appear as a second epidermis and affect the appearance of body volume.
At the same time, the designer adds a vintage feel by dribbling the shape and details of the clothes. The clotheslines are light, flexible, comfortable and the fabrics ideally embrace the body for this purpose..
 “My intention is to cover up and reveal the body in a structural way,” says Myrto Dramountanis with clear hints of her architectural influences. “We build clothes for the same reason we build a house: looking for a shelter for our body and achieving it through geometric designs” is the basis upon which designers create new forms every time.