Arab Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated fashion events in Dubai and we have selected our favorite Emarati and International designers and brands.

Amato Couture – UAE

Launched in 2002 UAE, Amato, which means ‘beloved’ in Italian, is the brainchild of the much-awarded creative designer Furne One, who partnered with textile expert Rashid Ali, to build this Avant Garde label. From the very first collection, Amato touched a chord with the region’s fashion elite. Inviting UAE’s beautiful women to a style renaissance, Amato broke the glass ceiling through a symphony of style and creativity. Words like ‘inspiring, intriguing and innovative’ are only a few of the compliments showered by Amato’s discerning clientele on Creative Director Furne One.

2 Yara Bin Shakar – UAE 

Yara Bin Shakar is an Emirati fashion designer known for exploring colour and print, seeking to inspire and empower her wearers. Yara brought a twenty piece collection celebrating all things whimsy. This time, her signature feminine aesthetic is enhanced with a cheeky nod to the cartoons of her youth. Bright linens and holographic chiffon add an element of lightness, worn confidently from day to night. With the upcoming festive season in mind, she has included bold hints to distinguish the wearer in a crowd; exaggerated collars, full circle skirts and ruffles.

3. Rami Kadi – Lebanon 

Rami Kadi, a Lebanese-American fashion designer showcased Spring-Summer 2019, an exuberant ode to the free spirit and creativity of Burning Man, radiating iridescent beams, hallucinating with visual illusions and hypnotizing in its colors.
The collection is as vivid and effervescent as the transformative community that inspired it: colors are ever-changing, materials are holographic and combinations are playful. Things are not quite what they seem in a collection that embodies a territory of radical self-expression, celebrating Bohemia with couture finesse. Light is transitory, blazing from mirrors and laser-cut plexi in geometric embroideries mapping the body to enhance its sensuality. Bold combinations see casual wear reimagined with unabashed glamour: chaps, two piece sets and leggings are fully embroidered. Contrarily, gowns are youthful and light no matter the volume nor the opulent crystal embellishment. Slick-tailored half-blazers are graphic and relaxed; shoulders sharp, lapels soft. Asymmetry alludes to balance, structure compliments fluidity and jet black contrasts invigorating color prisms.
Once again, Rami Kadi brings up contradictions throughout his collection, as he presents a unique, liberate, indulgent and lively view altogether to the world.

4 Arshys – UAE 

‘ARSHYS’ the Emirati fashion label synonymous with bold and innovative designs released two capsule collections on the runway. The pre SS20/Ramadan capsule collection aptly titled ‘Into the Starry Night’ and the other titled “Perplexed”. The brand’s exquisite runway designs will be available to pre-order from the 1422 concept store in City Walk II, Dubai. The designer took inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh’s most famous artwork, after which the collection is named. Meticulously selected fabrics and accents come into play to bring this collection to life. The designer introduced her signature spin on each piece by creating her own hand-drawn illustrated graphic prints of the stars and painted pastel stripes, reflecting a refined artistic aesthetic along with positive reinforcement messages.

5. Ezra Tuba – Turkey

Erza Tuba showcased Fall Winter ready couture collection. “Ezra Tuba” was founded on 27th October 2006, a designer brand accompanied by the awareness of a multinational brand for women, It is a brand addressing A-Luxury segments Ready to Wear, Accessible Ready Couture, Haute Couture and Wearable Technology.

6. Aiisha Ramadan – UAE

AIISHA presented a collection that reveals a part of the designer’s heart, mind, and soul. She collaborated with longtime friends Si Fashion Galerie where “Change” Resort 2020 is born. Consisting of 35 beautiful and colorful ready couture looks, some based on samples from previous collections redesigned giving them a new life, like a raw diamond that just needs a little polishing to show its beauty. Other looks were based on previously and constantly loved cuts from the brand’s decade in the industry, giving them a new perception, while remaining the same at their core. “Life is about predictable and unpredictable patterns of change, and the only constant factor will be our power to take control of our feelings and attitude towards life. Life is like the changing seasons – while we cannot control the weather, we can control and change our perception; therefore, our entire lives”, said Aiisha Ramadan.


Institute of Fashion Art and Design unveiled 15 emerging designers to showcase collections. The talents presented collections on respective ideations musing from concepts of anti-fashion, asymmetries, minimalism from a maximalist’s mind, subtle flowy silhouettes and some using contrasted vivid hues constructed to line up as visual pieces of ready-to-wear art.

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