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Canella Hostal is definitely one of the most exciting home-grown fashion designers in Dubai known for her vibrant and cheerful collections. Her brand is recognised globally and her dresses are worn from Dubai to Saint-Tropez.

Canella Hostal is definitely one of the most exciting home-grown fashion designers in Dubai known for her vibrant and cheerful collections. Her brand is recognised globally and her dresses are worn from Dubai to Saint-Tropez.

Canella Hostal Label was launched in March 2012 after the designer had completed her studies at Esmod where she is now teaching the next generation of designers. Her style embodies a nostalgic spirit, which makes each piece timeless and beautiful. Every single collection offers elegant and colorful characteristics that are key trends. We had a chance to chat with Canella to know more about her work and future plans.

Could you tell us about your journey in the world of fashion ?
Let’s say that i have many “hats” to play with but the good part it is all in fashion!
I was one of the first students to join Esmod Dubai when they opened in 2006, then i have done a master in fashion marketing in 2012. At the same time i used to teach fashion design in Esmod Dubai and create my own label. It was very challenging to do all at the same time but so exciting. Then in 2016, i found out that, emerging designers had a major issue : finding a atelier/factory to be able to make their small collections without stealing their ideas or very cheap quality. After this analyze i decided to create the French Atelier Tailoring. All our team members have went under Esmod Dubai training in order to give top notch quality. At last not at least i am also a fashion consultant for some big brands in Asia.

What has inspired you to create your own fashion brand?

My grand mother was a fashion designer and since the age of 7 I wanted to be involved in fashion. I used to play with fabrics a lot. I took drawings and stitching classes when I was 10 because I just couldn’t wait to go to ESMOD school. Fashion design was always a top 1 in my head. If i was still in France i would have certainly worked with a big brand while being in Dubai and not having Big brand fashion department, creating my brand was just the right thing to do.

How would you describe Canella Hostal brand and designs?
Canella Hostal collections features colors and versatile looks crafted from unique fabrics made with exceptional fabrics sourced everywhere in the world.
Creative and sophisticated looks for modern women and men makes you feel unique, attractive, young and beautiful all day long.
The brand focuses mostly on each details of the garment by giving a twist to the casual wear that we know : example : Shirt in double or triple collar, zipper on the side of the shirt, asymmetrical jacket or skirt.

What types of garments are the core of your brand?

The most important for me are the finishes that are perfect inside –out. I believe that if a customer pays for such a wonderful piece it should be perfect. The French finishing is the key detail .

You have showed your designs around the globe, what has the feedback been like and where were you accepted the most?
The feedback as always been so positive whether it was in Paris, London or Vancouver fashion week. People always get so surprised with the colors and says :”wow it feels good to finally see some colors”. People are really bored of seeing the same black color every year and every collection. Colors brings you happiness and this is my mojo!

Where else do you draw your inspiration?

I travel a lot to source my fabrics and this is where i find my inspirations through cultures, traditions, architecture or just nature. This is something i really enjoy doing. Sitting front of the beach, listening to the waves ….inspiration just comes.

What are the work ethics that you believe in while working with fashion?
We have always being focused on quality rather than quantity. Sourcing fabrics from around the world has been very important for me in order to give the best quality to my clients. For example i have work with the same fabric manufacturer than Chanel and the respond from the customers were just magical.
I am always looking for a fabric that has something special like a wrinkle free ,breathable or recycle from the sea ,…We know how sustainable fashion has an important place in today’s society, this is why we are also reusing the stock of fabrics from our previous collections. it gives such a vintage look, it is amazing!

What is your favorite part in being a fashion designer?
The best part is the creation. From the moment the inspiration comes, then putting ideas on the paper, adding the colors/texture. Oh and the best part is when you actually see your creation in the real garments with the chosen fabric. This is like a dream comes true.

Who is the woman that wears Canella Hostal?
A woman who follow the one style without caring what other people think. She is designer a trend setter and not a follower. Definitely she loves colors and likes to impeccable. She looks for the kind of pieces that will make her fall in love by just the look or the touch of it.

What are your future plans plans for Canella Hostal?
Since 2012, we have created 16 collections (2 per seasons) and we also started menswear in 2016. The plan is to continue our way …

See the latest Canella Hostal collections on and Instagram @canella_hostal

Interview by Slava Noor