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The fourth Dubai Gastronomy Forum, organised by Dubai's Department of Economy and Tourism (DET), served as a significant industry event bringing together stakeholders and highlighting key culinary events, including a look back on the recently concluded 10th edition of the Dubai Food Festival 2023 and the latest Gastronomy Always On (GAON) survey results. Hosted at Jumeirah Mina A’Salam in Dubai on 21 June, the forum welcomed key stakeholders from across the gastronomy industry including restaurateurs, hoteliers and key industry specialists.

During the forum, DET also shared upcoming opportunities and plans with industry stakeholders in the gastronomy sector. These initiatives included a calendar of events, content series, activations, and partnerships aimed at supporting and promoting the F&B industry. The goal is to strengthen Dubai’s dynamic ecosystem, which already boasts over 13,000 restaurants and cafes, and to rally their support in further enhancing the city’s year-round global gastronomy hub status.

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The Gastronomy Always On (GAON) survey findings, which were unveiled during the forum, shed light on the positive trends in Dubai’s culinary scene, capturing the interest of industry stakeholders, diners and F&B innovators, and also unveiled DFF’s pivotal role in contributing to the flourishing dining culture in the city. . The survey findings showcased the festival’s impact on the city’s dining landscape, solidifying its role as a key contributor to the flourishing culinary scene. The results provided compelling evidence of the festival’s ability to elevate the dining experience for residents, leading to an increase in their frequency of dining out.

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The results speak volumes: an astonishing 61% increase in the average number of occasions per week, with residents now enjoying an impressive average of 2.9 dining experiences per week compared to the previous average of 1.8. This exponential growth demonstrates the festival’s unmatched ability to captivate taste buds, enticing residents to explore a myriad of culinary delights offered by the city’s vibrant restaurant community.

Furthermore, the survey emphasised the festival’s commitment to providing value for money to residents and visitors. Residents now spend an average of AED 162 per week, or 51 AED per outing,  when eating out, a testament to Dubai Food Festival’s efforts in ensuring that gastronomic delights are accessible to everyone, regardless of their budgets. This dedication enhances the city’s reputation as a destination that offers exceptional value for money. 

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The survey also indicates a rise in dining in, with an increase of 17% in the number of occasions per week people order in rising from 1.7 to 2.0. The industry has actively embraced technology-driven services, promoting convenience and accessibility through online food ordering platforms. By adapting to changing consumer behaviour, the festival continues to provide a diverse range of authentic culinary experiences, even in the comfort of people’s homes.

Residents’ high satisfaction levels with Dubai Gastronomy offerings were evident, with a mean score of 8.7 in Wave 3, representing an impressive 11.5% increase compared to Wave 2. Furthermore, the survey highlights a growing popularity of street food dining, which can be attributed to the festival’s dedicated Street Food content, activations, and awareness campaigns.

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Looking back, the Dubai Food Festival’s 10th edition showcased an exceptional lineup of diverse culinary events, affirming the city’s commitment to authenticity and culinary innovation. The festival attracted a wide range of international and local chefs, renowned restaurants, and street food vendors, offering visitors an unparalleled opportunity to indulge in authentic flavours from around the world. The survey results highlight that Boomers, Millennials, Gen Z and millennial individuals were among the highest percentage of people dining out, underlining the festival’s success in providing an authentic and diverse culinary experience that appeals to both Dubai’s multicultural residents and international visitors.

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Dubai Restaurant Week, a highlight of the festival, experienced an exceptional surge in popularity, with a remarkable growth rate of 142% in the number of covers booked based on capacity. This outstanding increase underscores the festival’s ability to attract a growing number of diners who eagerly explore the diverse culinary offerings presented by Dubai’s vibrant restaurant industry. Furthermore, the festival expanded its reach by welcoming 104% more restaurants and eateries, providing a wider selection of exquisite dining options for food enthusiasts. Notably, participating restaurants reported a 96% increase in satisfaction levels, a testament to the festival’s commitment to delivering exceptional experiences.

The festival’s Foodie Experiences programme saw extraordinary growth, with a remarkable 113% increase in the number of unique concepts. This expansion provided visitors with a multitude of culinary adventures, immersing them in diverse and unforgettable experiences. The findings of the GAON survey and DFF  results  not only attest to the resounding success of both the industry and the festival but also reinforce Dubai’s position as a renowned global culinary destination. This achievement can be attributed to the unwavering dedication to presenting a wide array of authentic and affordable culinary experiences that cater to the city’s multicultural population as well as visitors from across the globe.

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