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Wondering what to do during Ramadan and Spring break? Family travelers will be able to take a trip to the beautiful universe of AYA and enjoy a unique experience together with the launch of the new, special edition Family Pass. Available now for a limited time only, the whole family can immerse themselves in the innovative entertainment park at just AED375 for a group of four or AED750 for a group of eight.

Located in WAFI City, Dubai, AYA invites travelers into a whole new world of vibrant experiences across 12 zones, each with its own unique theme and interactive elements. From an infinite mirror chamber filled with shimmering moons to the chance to dance with your avatar, AYA is designed to mesmerize and enthrall its visitors.

Family travelers will play, drift, and dream through observatories full of stars, roam through gardens of blooming light, and traverse rivers that bridge the infinite. Visitors will wander through The Source, Drift, Outland and The Pool before arriving at The Falls – a unique waterfall that runs upside down in a reverse reality experience like no other. Celestia, Flora, Tides and Harmonia complete the spectacular.

Already the backdrop of reels, stories and posts from many of the region’s best-known content creators, AYA will light up social media for family travelers this Ramadan in a truly memorable experience like no other.

AYA has landed at Level One of the Main Atrium in WAFI City in Dubai and the new, special edition Family Pass is available at AYA’s guest counter. For all the latest updates follow @ayauniverse____.

About AYA

AYA is an immersive experience park developed by HyperSpace, a Future Forward Entertainment company that invents and operates physical parks for a digital world. Located in the heart of Dubai at the Wafi City, AYA combines technology and entertainment in a vibrant interactive experience over twelve zones designed to light up social media. AYA is a space where travelers will play, drift and dream as they experience observations full of stars, roam gardens blooming in light, and cross rivers that bridge the infinite. For more information visit www.aya-universe.com or follow @ayauniverse____ on social media.