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MORROW collective presents its line-up of artists for Art Dubai Digital 2023. With participation across two booths, MORROW collective will exhibit the works of emerging, established, Emirati and international superstars of the crypto-art space.

In collaboration with VISA, MORROW collective is presenting UAE First Immersion. UAE First Immersion is a collection of works by some of the leading names in crypto art from the USA, made after they visited the UAE for the first time in November 2022, hosted by the UAE Embassy in Washington DC. Artists included in this presentation are: Bryan Brinkman, an early NFT visionary artist who has a large following; Colborn Bell – founder of the Museum of Crypto Art (MOCA) and an artist in his own right; Coldie – known as one of the first (OG) artists to make his name in the NFT space; Monaris – an acclaimed photographer and one of the first artists to mint an NFT directly on Instagram; Raphael, a new artist in the space who has worked alongside Coldie for years; and untitled, xyz, one of the world’s leading Metaverse architects. Their art is inspired by the fusion of crisply contemporary architecture and arabesque curves, the natural desert environment, the manicured cityscapes, and the multiplicity of cultures and identities that exist in the UAE. The NFTs will be made available to the public through a collaboration with two of the biggest marketplaces: Nifty Gateway and SuperRare.

UAE First Immersion delegation, MORROW team and UAE Embassy Washington DC team. Photo taken November 2022 at Louvre Abu Dhabi

In MORROW’s independent booth, the collective is presenting pieces by five prominent artists in the regional NFT space. They are: Nujoom Alghanem, an Emirati filmmaker and poet whose work is sourced from her 2017 film Sharp Tools about the late Emirati conceptual artist Hassan Sharif; Magda Malkoun, a Dubai-based artist who has a growing collector base for her popular animated collages;  Naime Pakniyat, an Iranian graphic and animation artist who focuses on pixelated art; Fabin Rasheed, a Dubai-based artist whose interest in spirituality and technology converge into meaningful presentations and in this case are exhibited as an interactive 3D (GLB) sculpture created in collaboration with Dr. Murali Doraiswamy; and Farid Rasulov, a Baku-based artist whose interest in the fusion of Orientalism and Western narratives combine in surrealist compositions. Also available to collectors in this booth is the chance to be part of a generative live mint, which is a tribute to the UAE. Made from fragmented pieces of art from four Emirati artists: Khalid Al Banna, Juma Alhaj, Aisha Juma and Najat Makki, MORROW collective will allow collectors to create a unique piece of art through the use of Async Marketplace.

Monaris. The Pursuit. Artwork as part of the UAE First Immersion collection, exhibited by MORROW collective at Art Dubai Digital 2023. Image courtesy of the artist

MORROW collective was born from a desire to connect what was already established in the traditional art world structures with what is newly emerging in the crypto art scene. In essence, fusing the past with the future.

Colborn Bell. Part of the Magic Internet Dirhams series. As part of the UAE First Immersion collection, exhibited by MORROW collective at Art Dubai Digital 2023. Image courtesy of the artist

Anna Seaman, MORROW’s curator says: “At Art Dubai 2023 our presentation includes artists who are new to the NFT space alongside those who have been leading the way in the crypto NFT market since its inception. The range and scope of the art in terms of content, concept and narrative is a celebration of the digital art scene in its many forms. From bringing the work of some of the biggest names from crypto to engaging our immediate art community in a live mint project, where visitors will be able to create and buy generative art in real time at the fair, we hope to offer something to all viewers and collectors.”


MORROW team at Art Dubai Digital 2022

MORROW collective is an NFT fine art curatorship supporting galleries, artists, collectors and museums into the NFT space. MORROW exists to bridge the traditional and crypto art worlds and foster mutually innovative growth. MORROW’s unwavering focus remains on substance and narrative, displayed across virtual, real world and hybrid exhibitions. With a multi-faceted approach, MORROW prioritises the creative process to present digitally immersive experiences. MORROW collective are owners of multiple gallery spaces across the most sought after and exclusive Metaverse platforms and are collectors with an extensive portfolio including some of the world’s leading crypto artists.

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