AYA Dubai Wafi City metaverse entertainment park
Wondering what to do this Ramadan? Here are six unique reasons why AYA should be your family’s go-to-attraction during the Holy Month.

  • Create unique social content

This Ramadan, intrepid travellers can take a trip to a beautiful universe and capture those coveted images that are guaranteed to light up social media – only at AYA, a new, first-of-its-kind entertainment park at Wafi City in Dubai. Already the backdrop of reels, stories and posts from many of the region’s best-known content creators, AYA invites guests into a whole new world of vibrant experiences across 12 zones, each with its own unique theme and interactive elements.

  • Step into Luna to travel beyond the stars

Experience Luna, a six-minute infinite mirror chamber filled with shimmering moons visualizes the sound of AYA in a surreal light show.

  • Dance with the avatars

In a sanctuary hidden beyond the far side of the stars, this Ramadan travellers to AYA will dance with avatars and unlock new characters to interact with as part of this totally immersive experience. Head to Outland and wait for your avatar to appear and follow your every movement; or wander in wonder through Flora as creatures of light emerge.

  • Jump in the source

A mystical chamber of digital pools and a touch reactive dome that tunes into human senses ignites the experience, while surrounding projections inject new life into the zone. A six-minute display with reactive LED pools will transport travelers into the beautiful universe, using the latest touch reactive technology.

  • Marvel at an upside-down waterfall

In the Falls, reverse reality with an audio-responsive water feature that runs upside down. Step inside the falling droplets and look down into infinity for a truly mesmerizing experience.

  • Drift – Levitate to the heart of AYA

Lie down on a plush hill that vibrates with the music and feel a sense of weightlessness as you defy gravity to be carried through time. Featuring a 6-minute panoramic projection mapping show this is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

About AYA

AYA has landed at Level One of the Main Atrium in Wafi City in Dubai with a cutting-edge experience that transports guests into an alternative world. Book your experience during the holy month of Ramadan at www.aya-universe.com with adult tickets priced at AED 99 online for weekdays, and AED125 for weekends and at the gate.

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