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Zawyeh gallery

Fragile, Handle with Care Giampiero Romanò

In Fragile, Handle with Care, Romanò combines his artistic creativity with his skills in restoration and preservation. Romanò is devoted to working with antique frames and mirrors, the source of his inspiration and from which he builds his universe but also breaks it. Romanò’s “Mirrors” could look rich and beautiful, yet they are extremely fragile, exactly like people. The artworks are also a representation of a journey to parallel temporal universes and are signs of revolution on the conventional in a bid for change.

Al-Amari refugee camp art

An Open Studio by Artist Alaa Albaba in the Al-Amari Refugee camp

Zawyeh Gallery announces the first of a series of Open Studio events: an open studio by artist Ala Albaba in the Al-Amari refugee camp in Ramallah, Palestine. Zawyeh Gallery is inviting the public to visit Albaba’s studio, where they will get an opportunity to inspect Albaba’s artworks closely and engage in face-to-face discussions with the artist whose artworks topics deal mainly with the theme of refugee camps as structures and Palestinian refugees’ aspirations.

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