Reminding us of our mortality, Hoda Tawakol's art exhibition titled 'Between Bodies' is at Alserkal until 25th February 2021.

Nobody lives forever. Hoda Tawakol’s exhibition ‘Between Bodies’ captures that essence through her art that captures the darker side of life.  Her very gestures are liminal, suspended between the ancient and the contemporary. Tawakol is a sculptor of textile; throughout her practice, fabrics are endowed with a force hoisting them above mere material swathes.

For her second solo show at Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde, Hoda Tawakol fathoms death less as an end than as a promise of renewal. In works ranging from large-scale textile pieces to more intimate sculptures, Tawakol freeze-frames an instance of transition, a moment teetering between presence and absence, physical and ethereal.

Hoda Tawakol’s practice is built on the twin pillars of wit and criticality. Her colorful, engaging textile works—collages, sculptures, installations—ripple with vitality, while tackling compelling issues of gender and bodily control. At once captivating and disarming, the works spring from a range of media, yet focus largely on the female body, its distortions and transformations across a woman’s lifecycle. The artist’s hallmark fabric sculptures of date palm trees, while stemming from the plant realm, wittily probe bodily questions of gender fluidity. This is a universe of transformation: the body forever hovers between physical and ethereal, reality and abstraction, presence and absence.

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