art dubai poster exhibition
“An ode to lost ideas, unfinished thoughts and could-have-beens” in ICD Brookfield Place, DFC Dubai.

The selection of posters on display introduce letterforms and visuals as their new identities.
The posters challenge former versions of themselves, breathing new life into their current selves. By methods of creating new meanings, composition, scale, shapes, forms and letterforms, materials – you can retell a story with a different ending. They use past clues and cues to form new investigations. The exhibition aims to highlight the design process and destigmatize the idea of scrapped work. Create your own De-sign Scrapyard; an ode to lost ideas, unfinished thoughts, and could-have-beens.


  1. Daniel Alemasoum
  2. Eman Fikri
  3. Fatma Ashraf
  4. Fatimah Emad
  5. Maryam Namvar
  6. Maxime Cramatte
  7. Mobius Design Studio
  8. Mohamed Alaa
  9. Mohammed Ameer
  10. Lujane AlQaoud
  11. Sayed Kammoun
  12. Younes Al Aboudi
Photo by our contributor Marco Fraschetti

Theme developed by Mariam AlZayani.
Designer and Artist Selection committee: Fiza Akram.
Special Projects Director at Alserkal Advisory: Ibrahim Khamayseh.
Graphic Designer, Calligrapher and winner of Tasmeem’s first edition: Imad Gebrayel.
Designer and Researcher: Turbo.
Multidisciplinary Visual Art and Design Studio: 40Mustaqel, Independent Design Studio.