“Figurative Abstraction: An Exhibition of Contemporary Arts” featuring the artworks of Marina CRUZ, QIN Yifeng, AlbertYonathan SETYAWAN, SHI Jin-Hua, SHI Jinsong, WU Tseng Jung. The works span across a widerange of art mediums, including painting, photography, three-dimensional,conceptual and performance art.

Further illuminating the collection is theacademic research of Professor CHEN Kuang-Yi, the dean of the Fine Art Collegeof the National Taiwan University of Art. Chen sheds light how these artworksexemplify the development of figurative and abstract art in the contemporaryart landscape and how the two disciplines are intertwined. The exhibition will be on display until June 24th. Welcome everyone to take the time to visit and enjoy the exhibition.

Figurative Abstraction: An Exhibition of Contemporary Arts
Date|April 22 – June 24, 2023 (The gallery will be closed on June 22 for the Dragon Boat Festival)
Participating Artists|Marina CRUZ, QIN Yifeng, Albert Yonathan SETYAWAN, SHI Jin-Hua, SHI Jinsong, WU Tseng Jung
Academic Research|Prof. Chen, Kuang-Yi
Location|1st Floor, No.20 Wenhu St., Neihu Dist. Taipei City

Upcoming Exhibition

LEE Ming-tse
Dashu Contemporary II, 2022
Fiberglass, cotton yarn, paper
200 x 112 cm

Mind Set Art Center is honored to present a trioof solo exhibitions in July: “Dashu Contemporary” by Taiwanese artist LEE Ming-tse, “Woodlands” by English photographer Christopher TAYLOR, and “Spots of Reality Hidden Under theGray Lens” by Romanian artist Dan MĂCIUCĂ. The three artists explore the symbioticrelationship between man and nature through their works which span across avariety of mediums, including mixed media installation, traditional photography, sketching and painting. The three sets of artworks, whileindependent in their origins, come to form a visual language that inspires carefor nature. The show is set to launch on July 8, at 3 p.m. We extend a warminvitation to you to join us.

Christopher TAYLOR
Le Cardonnet, Languedoc, France, 1996
Gelatine silver print on fiber paper
46 x 46 cm
Edition 1/7

LEE Ming-tse: Dashu Contemporary
Christopher TAYLOR: Woodlands

Dan MĂCIUCĂ: Hidden Spots of Reality Under the Gray Lens
Date|July 8 – August 19, 2023
Opening Reception|July 8, 2023, 15:00 – 18:00
Location|1st Floor, No.20 Wenhu St., Neihu Dist. Taipei City
“Dashu Contemporary” is sponsored by Antho-Life Art Foundation

Artist Activity

Shinji OHMAKI’s inaugural solo exhibition in mainland China, titled “The Depth of Light” will be presented at A4 Art Museum in Chengdu. Curated by Fumio NANJO, the exhibition encompasses symbolic works from OHMAKI’s artistic oeuvre, including series such as “Flotage”, “Liminal Air Space-time”, “Gravity and Grace” and “Echoes Infinity”. Curator Fumio NANJO expounds: “His works are consistently delicate and fragile. The essential aspects of many pieces are forever changing or untouchable. Faced with an uncertain and unverifiable existence that oscillates before us, we are compelled to question what constitutes reality. The reality we inhabit is characterized by a cycle of creation, destruction, and rebirth, embodying a cyclical worldview and the concept of time—a sort of ecological system. Shinji OHMAKI converges this reality using minimalistic techniques of expression and presents it symbolically, allowing us, the viewers, to contemplate the meaning of our existence within it. The exhibition begins with luminous artworks, gradually transitioning towards darkness and ultimately culminating in obscurity. There is a saying, ‘Those who have only known daylight cannot comprehend the darkness of night.’ The ‘Liminal Air’ in the darkness resembles an enigmatic life, persistently drifting. Through this extensive exhibition narrative, Shinji OHMAKI bestows upon us profound insights and novel encounters, thereby reinforcing the significance of our existence and nurturing the power to face tomorrow. Because art is power.”

Shinji OHMAKI: The Depth of Light
Date|19 August – 19 November 2023
Curator|Fumio NANJO. Sunny Sun
Location|A4 Art Museum|Building 21, No.18, Section 2, Lushan Avenue, Wanan Street, Tianfu New Area, Chengdu

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