Gallery 27 a new art gallery in Dubai

About Gallery 27

Gallery27 is a newcomer to Dubai’s thriving art scene. Located in the vibrant Marina Gate district, Gallery27 has officially opened its doors in December 2019. Specialised in Contemporary Art, and with its warehouse style, Gallery27 showcases a global vision by presenting both, well-established and emerging international artists, and by unveiling eclectic techniques and innovative artistic concepts.This new artistic platform is essentially focused on Neo-Pop, Abstract & Street Art, characterised by pop colors and themes coming from popular culture such as advertising, fashion, comic books, and cartoons. Gallery27 breaks the universal look-don’t-touch rule by inviting the viewer to interact with the artworks and to experience art from another dimension.

Collectif 27

Gallery27 challenges artists worldwide to push their boundaries, test their media and engage their audiences through dynamic subject matter, innovative media application and progressive stylistic approaches. Together, the artists are the ambassadors of “Collectif 27” representing and promoting a modern vision of life where art and technology are deeply linked. Ingenious artistic collaborations are born within “Collectif 27” where artists from very distinct backgrounds combine their ideas, techniques and skills. These encounters result in exclusive art collections. Their artistic production is innovative and incredibly unique! All artists from “Collectif 27” are thrilled to work on customizations for bespoke artworks that will relate to you, inspire you, amaze you, and bring a new dimension to your living environment.

Right now the gallery is representing contemporary artists like Sarah Borderie, Cathy Deniset, Ted Keens, Puritat Deangharm, Monika Nowak, The Trigger, Jonathan Livingston Skybird, Jonas Leriche, Leo & Steph, Alejandro Hermann, Julie Dalloz, Jean-Michel Collell and Jeff Callec. Every artist has their unique style and use of media that varies from digital to wire to graffiti.

Visit Gallery 27 in Marina Gate 1 everyday from 11.00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m and learn more about the artists on the official website and Instagram @Gallery27Dubai