Artist Sacha Jafri breaks the world record with the largest painting to have ever been created on canvas, as a philanthropic humanitarian mission

British artist based in Dubai, Sacha Jafri, has officially set the Guinnes World Records title for ‘The Largest Art Canvas’ in the world, with his painting ‘The Journey of Humanity’ scaling over 17, 176 square feet.

‘The Journey of Humanity’, with the project ‘Humanity Inspired’, is the largest worldwide social, artistic and philanthropic initiative in history. With the intention to bring harmony during the Covid-19 outbreak, this art project has been able to reach more than 2.5 billion people worldwide through the work of art, that between March 2020 to September 2020 to complete.

The painting ‘The Journey of Humanity’ was created in Atlantis, the Palm’s ballroom, which was converted into an art studio. In February 2021, the Guinness World Record had officially been broken.

‘It seems that we’ve become a little self-important as humans, and now there is an opportunity to un-learn everything we, as adults, thought we knew, and re-learn a new understanding of humanity, humility, empathy, and ultimately our re-engaged path ahead, through the souls of our children’, said Sacha Jafri in relation to his project.

With regards to the intention of his ambitious project, Sacha Jafri said: “My initiative, ‘Humanity Inspired’ aims to be a catalyst for true societal change through the ‘Hearts, Minds & Souls’ of the children of the world – a springboard for a better future for all humanity. I aim to connect the world, and re-connect humanity to ourselves, each other, and ultimately ‘The Soul of the Earth’.”

“My Painting, ‘The Journey of Humanity’ will support the delivery of improved education & connectivity, as well as create vital funds in support of the poorest and most desperately in need areas and regions of our planet – for those children & their families that need it most. I hope that my ground-breaking creation will help to further advocate global logistical support for Health and Sanitation within the worst hit refugee camps, slums, town-Ships, shanties, favelas & poverty-stricken communities of the World.”

Created meticulously using the drawings, pictures, paintings collages and sketches collected by the children via, the ‘artworks’ have been incorporated to serve as ‘windows to a better world’ – or windows to illustrate a better future from a child’s perspective. Jafri hopes that his works will raise a total of $30 billion in the auctions, and hopes that the works will memorialize what isolation and connection mean in the eyes of a child.

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