In the afternoon sun, we all met up at the exit outside Al Qudra lakes, ready for our photowalk excursion. The Gulf Photo Plus photowalks are a great way to experience the gems of the city, up close and personal, with a group of passionate and enthusiastic photographers.

And there was no better place than a photowalk at Al Qudra desert to reconnect with ones roots. In the charm of the Arabian desert, the serenity of the place makes the photowalk feel like meditation. There was nothing except the natural landscape of Al Qudra, natural and awe inspiring.

The soft tones of beige, brown and neutral greens, the gentle breeze and the tall reeds that surrounded the oasis of lakes in Al Qudra felt like we were walking in a desert paradise. Birds, ducks and flamingoes swam peacefully amongst the gleaming lakes, all in harmony with their natural habitat.

As we became accustomed to our surroundings, far away from the bustling cityscapes we began to appreciate the natural beauty of Al Qudra desert with its serene lakes glistening in the afternoon winter sun, and the cool breeze rustling the leaves of the reeds surrounding the lakes. Ghaf trees, barren from the heat of the desert sun, added texture and character to the desert landscape, casting shade upon the sand dunes that surrounded them.

Curiously, we wandered from lake to lake, observing the natural sights and sounds, patterns and colours, whilst experimenting with the settings on our cameras.

And as the sun gently began to set, we travelled onwards towards the vast desert, where the sand dunes rolled endlessly towards the horizon. We watched as the colours of the sunset emerged – pinks, blues, oranges, and soft purples, all blended together in the palette of the sky. It was mesmerizing, and we felt humbled by the sight.

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