Julia Smolenkova is an award winning Russian artist who is loved in United Arab Emirates and internationally for her distinctive painting style.

Julia Smolenkova is an award winning contemporary Russian artist, mostly known for her series ‘Cities’. With a PHD in the History of art and architecture, her inspiration with cities and modern infrastructure features in her art where she uses cubism as an art style to tell a story of rooftop filled cities, depicting a connection between the abstract and reality. Read our interview with Julia Smolenkova to know more about her captivating art and her participation in Weld Art Dubai.

   When did you begin your journey into art?

I grew up among art. All of my family members and friends have linked their lives with art: sculpture, painting, drawing, art history. 

 How has travelling and exploring the world influenced your art style? 

While visiting a new city, you will eventually find yourself in a place where the city lies open before you. This is how you meet each other. Details disappear, leaving only emotions and feelings with which every meeting with a city fills us.

A city is your perfect guide to other centuries, bygone eras and countries. It is a portrait of each era and at the same time it is contemporary.

Could you tell us more about your exhibition on ‘Cities’? 

City space, its uniqueness is the main hero in a series of paintings “Cities”. Each painting has its own history and reflects the place where it was created.

Despite laconism of colour, sometimes verging on minimalism and abstract forms, the places in the paintings are recognizable as each city has its own unique colour, rhythm, dynamics and light. In the works, connection between the real and the abstract create new space levels.

I’m sure that the feeling of space, time, light, and proportions are obvious to a regular viewer and does not need any explanations.

Who are your favourite artists and why? 

It is difficult question for artist 🙂 I like art, different styles, genres. I am interested in old masters and contemporary art. Every viewer sees something personal in any work of art.

What advice would you give to aspiring artists? 

Be critical with yourself, respect your audience and never stop in your developing. 

What does participation in World Art Dubai mean to you and what has it brought to you as an artist?

Dubai is a unique place connects modern achievements from all around the world and retains its originality. The openness, goodwill, and unbelievable capabilities of Dubai attract. 

One of my favourite aspects of this city is the unlimited possibility for professional development as an artist because the city attracts so many creative enthusiasts from all around the world.

It’s very encouraging to see art-focussed events on the rise in the region and I am grateful to be able to participate in some of them. World Art Dubai is a very special event for me.  I think, World Art Dubai is the ideal platform for established and upcoming artists to showcase their talent and for visitors of any background to experience and buy art. No rules apply here, just a love of all things art.

Discover Julia’s artwork on her Instagram account @julia_smolenkova as well as her website www.julia-smolenkova.com

Stay inspired!

Interview by Iman