As Dubai art scene is slowly coming back to life, we were excited to attend the art exhibition “Nagham” by the Dubai based artist Nada Al Barazi. Nada is a self taught artist whose art is as vibrant as her personality. She has made herself a name as one of the most popular artists in Dubai and both her realistic paintings as well as abstract artwork are widely popular among art collectors and are the highlight of many local art fairs.

Artist statement

I discuss positive emotions, nature in the serenity, serenity in nature and getting myvision out on the canvas. My work is “Art inspired by nature”. Nature is the greatest inspiration to see beauty in the world, and draw attention to some of the most pressing matters in human and environmental affairs. With art as a lens, we can learn to change the world. I use oil paint and acrylic paint to create my artworks. We can see so much art in nature if we take the time to look.

The Earth has provided us with so much beauty. The colors that surround us, the plants, flowers, bodies ofwater, and creatures. Everything we see is art if you can appreciate it. This is truly alook into our everyday lives and love for nature.I always choose vibrant colors and deep warmth for my artworks because the world is acolorful place and I have a message behind that, to spread the happiness and positivity once people look at my paintings .Inspired by nature and the energy that connects all things, I like to surround myself with color because it lifts my spirit and makes me happy. I know that color can affect one’s mood and I know I feel good when I look at color. I hope my paintings can help create a little joy in people’s lives when they view them.

About Nada Al Barazi

As a self-taught artist, Nada has been enchanted by art since childhood but she effectively started to focus on art since 2017. Living in Dubai, Nada indulges in creating something new every time she uses the brush. Inspired by nature, Nada uses oil and acrylic paint focusing mainly on nature elements. This reflects her interest in sharing creations with others in its most organic form, and showing her creativity. 

Nada had a solo exhibition in 2018 and has been on TV programs and newspapers to raise the awareness of art in UAE. She firmly believes in sharing joy, happiness, and positivity with others specially those who are in need. For this, she supports several exhibitions for children with special needs and donates artwork to their centers to encourage artistic fundamentals in young children. 

Nada has participated in several key exhibitions and events since 2017. Some of these events are: World Art Dubai, Carousel Du Louvre at the Louvre Museum in Paris, Kunooz Art Exhibition in London, Flyer Art Gallery as well as Atelier Montez in Rome, and Townly Gallery in New York. Furthermore, she is a member of several galleries in Dubai and collaborates with other local and international galleries.

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