Open to the public from March 1 to March 30th at The Gate at DIFC – West Lobby

MIA Art Collection, in collaboration with DIFC Dubai, brings “LAVINIA: In the Footsteps of a Female Italian Iconic Artist”, an
exceptional exhibition curated by a team of international curators directed by Alejandra Castro Rioseco with special co-curator Mr.
Matteo SORMANI, that brings never seen artworks to Dubai, a privilege to the eye of the art lover and enthusiast, in the imponent
DIFC The Gate as background, during Art Dubai.
The exhibition transports us to the baroque period in 16th century Italy, or late mannerism, with works exclusively by women artists,
and is centered around an exclusive artwork of that period by the famous and iconic artist Lavinia Fontana, one of the most
renowned women artists in history.

This is a captivating exhibition of female artistic voices, inspired by the fundamental reality that one of the most famous artists of the
time was a woman, named Lavinia Fontana. She produced over 125 artworks of which only 34 are recovered with her original
signature. Lavinia Fontana is a true icon of the arts and her works have been exhibited in the most important museums in the world.
Her work is now brought for the first time to Dubai by MIA ART Collection and will be exhibited in the DIFC, The Gate.
MIA ART Collection creates this magnificent exhibition including 4 young Italian female artists of the proper MIA Art Collection, Anna
Botticini , Mara Fabbro, Isadora Capraro, Silvia Giordani. The exhibition impeccably blends the Baroque classic painting with new
expressions by Italian hands and generates a true journey through time embarking on one of the richest countries in art and
culture in the world, Italy.

it’s always beautifull to see women promoting women, especially in the artistic universe.

Female artists play a crucial role in shaping the art world and interpreting our contemporary society. Their unique perspectives and experiences bring diversity and depth to the artistic conversation, challenging traditional norms and pushing boundaries. The work of women in art not only reflects their individual creative expression but also sheds light on important issues of gender, identity, and social justice.

Mia Art Collection by amplifying women’s voices and stories, female artists contribute to a more inclusive and nuanced understanding of our world and inspire future generations to break free from stereotypes and limitations.

Marco Fraschetti

The world of art teaches us that the vast majority of the art pieces that we see in museums are pieces by male artists while the
woman’s gaze therein is almost nonexistent. Once again, driven by its mission to promote the visibility of women artists in the world,
MIA ART Collection chooses to highlight such an important figure, an icon of its time of several centuries ago, and in doing so allows us
to reflect on our current reality of women artists and their visibility.

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