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XVA Gallery, one of the leading galleries in the Middle East brings to the public this solo exhibition by Behnoosh Feiz titled 'Circles in Motion'.

Now showing at XVA Gallery – ‘Circles in Motion’, a solo exhibition by Behnoosh Feiz.

On Friday, 4th February from 1:30pm till 3:00pm a conversation with Behnoosh Feiz will be held as she discusses her latest collection ‘Circles in Motion’, exhibiting at XVA Gallery until February 10th .

What do you see in this mirror?…Is the culmination of a transformation. The opportunity of the Solo Art Residency at Tashkeel galleries, led artist Behnoosh Feiz to re-frame and re-orient her practice. Repetition and sacred geometry emerge anew from an intensive self-reflection coupled with a looser approach to experimentation. Relinquishing control, she has climbed through a portal to delve into a space of potential that was unimagined at the start of her journey. While on the surface she seems to have come full circle–the thoughtful, potent geometry rising in the final room of the show– her thinking is forever altered.

Behnoosh Feiz, 2021.

About the Artist

Behnoosh Feiz started painting and sketching during her childhood. In 1993, she moved to Germany, where she continued to paint while studying Natural Path and later, interior architecture. Feiz moved to the UAE in 2007, where she established her own interior design studio and started focusing more on her art practice. During 2017, her art took a different direction, as her curiosity about the circle developed. The circle fascinated the artist to a point that she started creating her artworks entirely with concentric circles, usually working in ink or design pens, on different types of paper. Each piece tells us a story about us and how we are deeply connected to the universe. She draws inspiration from ancient literature, Rumi’s poems, spirituality, and personal interactions.

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