Myrto Dramountani takes over the catwalk with her stunning laser-cut creations during the New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is One of the most anticipated events in the world of fashion and Myrto Dramounatini’s show was one of the brightest this season.

Myrto Dramountani’s Spring-Summer 2020 collection, that was presented during NYFW, is a series of structural fabrics conceived under the notion of ‘Grammiki Vita’

The symbols of this ancient script are understood as geometric elements and translated into spatial elements within the scale of a fabric. G-Vita is the berceau for a series of geometrical translations in 2D laser-cuttings and 3D performances on the human body.

In the G-Vita series of MD the fabric is the SIGNIFIER and is interpreted as the material form and G-Vita is the SIGNIFIED meaning the conceptual image.

For the Spring-Summer 2020 NYFW show, Myrto Dramountani collaborated with architect Scripta design office using 3d printed fabrication technologies for her jocker hat collection , a jewelry 3 dimensional bracelet while experimenting on her new 3d underwear collection coming soon.

3d accessories alter the perception of the human body and operate as volumetric body shelters of plastic fabric blending in with the lasecut techniques and patterns of her collection.

Myrto Dramountani is the founder and creative director of a Contemporary brand of clothing & accessories. The company, as well as the production facility, has started it’s journey in London UK but over the last few years, she made the strategic decision to move to UAE, to better cater the need for highly personalized items and unique customer experiences of the GCC market.

Fashion designer Myrto Dramountani at NYFW

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