Architect-designer MYRTO DRAMOUNTANI inaugurated her first flagship store in Athens with a sparkling party, attended by a multitude of friends from various fields supporting her new venture.

The creator, known for her unique laser-cut collections, aims that her flagship store will turn to be more than just a fashion boutique. Thus, it incorporates all elements of an art gallery while also showcasing her creations, serving both as a physical store for her prêt-à-porter collections and as an atelier for bridal and custom-made designs. Additionally, one can see fabric installations by MYRTO DRAMOUNTANI applied in custom-made constructions.

“As for the architectural design, in co-operation with architect Elina Loukou, who designed the store, we intentionally chose a minimalist character, together with deliberately avant-garde elements. We emphasized the structural materials and lighting. It was extremely important for me to create a space that expresses both myself and my architectural aesthetic, in order to host my creations. And that can be visible from the very first moment someone enters the store,” states MYRTO DRAMOUNTANI.

For this summer, the collection maintains her trade-mark geometric shapes and three-dimensional cutouts in the garments, offering designs that combine contemporary with nostalgic, while the lines remain light and flexible. Standouts include all-season leather jackets, dresses with airy lines, and swimsuits that can be worn not only on the beach but also for various occasions from morning to evening.

The opening was attended by numerous people dressed in the designer’s signature outfits, coming from the political, artistic, and business world, such as Minister of Tourism Olga Kefalogianni, Deputy Regional Governor of Attica Christina Kefalogianni, Danae Kefalogianni, Marina Vernicos, Filippos Pliatsikas, Stratos Tzortzoglou, Rena Kyprioti, Katerina Gagaki, Katerina Giatzoglou, Thomai Apergi, as well as architects, such as Nefeli Chatzimina from Architect Scripta, Iliana Kerestetzi from Mold Architects, representatives from the fashion industry, and fashion influencers. The festive atmosphere of the party was enhanced by the music of DJ Dear Quentin.

With fashion studies at the famous Parsons, The New School for Design in New York, MYRTO DRAMOUNTANI has adopted a fashion philosophy influenced by the dynamics of the city itself, while her previous studies in Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens have significantly impacted the way she approaches forms.

Her creations have been internationally recognized for their uniqueness and aesthetic elegance, and her collections are now available at her flagship store, in selected physical stores in Greece, France, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt, and online.

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