"Tsar Alexei" salmon flower with White Sturgeon vinaigrette
Beluga is Dubai's only dedicated caviar restaurant. Read our review featuring the most sophisticated caviar dishes.

Caviar plays an important role in the Russian cuisine and we grow up appreciating it from an early age. Caviar has always been associated with Tsars and luxury and it is a must-have e for any major celebration in our region.

This is why I was super excited to sample the menu of Beluga, Dubai’s only dedicated caviar restaurant. It offers a wide range of sophisticated plates featuring top grade caviar from Gourmet House Caviar.

I immediately fell in love with the elegant interior realised with white leather, marble and a delicate touch of gold.

Egg Benedict with marinated salmon and Molossol caviar

The first dish we tried was the egg benedict perfectly balanced with the delicate and medium salty Molossol caviar. It was rich in flavour and texture and we had to as for additional blinchiki (Russian crepes) to enjoy every grain of caviar.

“Tsar Alexei” salmon flower with White Sturgeon caviar vinaigrette

The presentation of this plate is absolutely exquisite! The caviar comes separately to be later added to the salmon flower.

"Tsar Alexei" salmon flower with White Sturgeon caviar vinaigrette. Beluga, Mandarin Hotel
“Tsar Alexei” salmon flower with White Sturgeon caviar vinaigrette. Beluga, Mandarin Hotel

The combination of delicate salmon and salty caviar is truly exceptional and I indulged on every bite!

Tsarin potato with russian Oscietra caviar

My Russian soul rejoiced with this plate as it features everything I love without being heavy (as most potato dishes) at the same time. It is served warm and is a perfect sharing platter.

Golden Cigar with Royal Baerii caviar

This must be the most iconic dish on the menu. Its presentation is so beautiful that we could not stop taking photos of it! The truffle mayo adds a delicate note to the crunchy edible cigar filled with Royal Baerii caviar.

You can also choose a different filling and opt for Russian Oscietra, Beluga caviar or Almas caviar, the most expensive caviar on the menu.

"King of Kings" Almas caviar will set you back 36306 AED for 250g
“King of Kings” Almas caviar will set you back 36306 AED for 250g

Beluga also offers an exciting selection of dessert like Caviar aux datte

(dates with caviar) or the chocolate mousse that I ordered. Pair it with an espresso or a cappuccino and you have perfect closure for your food journey. 

Alpaca 66% chocolate mousse, spiced caramel.

This desserts tastes even better than it tastes and the portion is quite hearty and was perfect to share for two. Definitely recommended if you love your chocolate.

To sum it up, if you are appreciate sophisticated dishes created with top quality caviar or are simply looking to try something new, then the Beluga bar is a perfect place for you.

You can start your food journey with the Afternoon Caviar Tea offer from 2pm to 6pm which features a delectable canvas of Smoked Salmon Blinis, Sturgeon Shrimps & Beetroot Praline with Kaluga caviar, Smoked Eel Sandwich, Scones with Royal Baerii Caviar and tempting tea choices. The restaurant also serves a fine array of desserts including Spiced Caramel & Chocolate Tart, Blueberry Muffins and delicate Macarons.

To know more about Beluga follow the official instagram page @Belugabarr