Bonpoint’s playful and iconic pattern makes its mark on YOYO®.

The iconic YOYO

The YOYO® stroller is specifically designed to allow parents to adventure to new cities or travel the world as a family. Whether you need to fold up your stroller at home, hop on a bus with it, take a train or a plane – YOYO® fits just about anywhere. The stroller folds and unfolds in a moment while you hold your baby and can be worn over your shoulder. YOYO® can also be used every day from birth till toddler age. Versatile, ultra-compact, and super sturdy, YOYO® is the iconic stroller for a whole generation.

An iconic journey

The iconic YOYO® stroller and Bonpoint, the French luxury childrenswear house, are excited to present a collaboration. To enrich their newborn range, Bonpoint shares with YOYO® its new print: L’Iconique. Bonpoint and YOYO® teams’ meticulous and delicate work resulted in YOYO Bonpoint Beige, a new color print available exclusively for 0+ newborn pack and 6+ color pack. This new print is playful, adorable, and deliciously nostalgic. The cherries are Bonpoint’s signature and evoke a dreamlike world, bringing to life the innocence of childhood and the joy of parenthood. The perfect mix of savoir-faire and modernity for young families around the world… So is the iconic YOYO®!

With YOYO Bonpoint Beige, it will continue Bonpoint’s tradition of turning happiness into an everyday lifestyle. The perfect collaboration for those parents who want to adventure in style.

L’Iconique is part of Bonpoint’s permanent collection and is available in a range of pieces, from suitcases and water bottle holders to plushies. This has inspired YOYO Bonpoint Beige, which will become a permanent addition to YOYO® color range. Identical to the L’iconique print, it will be a soft beige in a very modern and neutral style with a refined pattern of small woven cherries.

YOYO Bonpoint Beige colour pack will be available in 0+ and 6+ versions. Alongside this dreamy new print, it comes with new features too on both versions. 6+ color pack will have an extended canopy, peek-a-boo window, ventilation window, and super soft cushion. 0+ Newborn pack will feature an extended canopy and ventilation window.

The collaboration will be available on, in 160 Stokke stores, and selected Stokke retailers as well as on and in 72 Bonpoint boutiques and selected Bonpoint retailers from New York and London to Paris and Tokyo. As the iconic stroller for a whole generation of parents, YOYO® is the perfect addition to the Bonpoint L’Iconique range.


Since 1975, the French luxury house Bonpoint has remained faithful to its exceptional savoir-faire and core values: the precision of beauty, a passion for quality, and meticulous attention to details and finishes. Following the tradition of the great luxury Houses, they’ve established a creation and production process where stylists, designers, pattern makers, and cutters work in close collaboration – allowing them to turn happiness into an everyday lifestyle. Bonpoint is symbolized by two little cherries. This charming, instantly recognizable logo evokes the origin of the fashion house.

About Mapyr

Mapyr is a master distributor of premium world-leading baby and children’s brands across the MENA region. Its name is an acronym of the Mapyr founders – Marie and Pierre-Yves Renoir. In 2009, the idea of launching a distribution company for innovative products in the baby gear segment in the region saw light. At the time there was a niche in the market for high-end products that wasn’t being fully developed, which led its founders to complete a detailed market survey to find a way to fill in that gap as well as defining a pioneering commercial concept.    

In 2010, MAPYR FZCO was born in the UAE, an adventurous and eager enterprise comprised of just a small group of people with a shared vision, passion and determination to do distribution differently. Together the team has proudly raised the company from a small operation to a major player in the distribution market, one that continues to grow healthily throughout the Middle East/Africa region. Mapyr boasts a team of vibrant, forward-thinking individuals who pride themselves on strong relationships with suppliers and retailers alike. Relationships at Mapyr are built on respect, trust and the common goal of growth.

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