Damas, the Middle East’s House of International Jewellery Design, proudly brings Carrera y Carrera to Dubai, adding 135 years of Spanish jewellery craftsmanship to its portfolio of international brands across the GCC region. The announcement was made at the Damas store at Atlantis the Royal in the presence of Luc Perramond, CEO & Chairman of Damas Jewellery, alongside Grigoriy Kurnosov, CEO of Carrera y Carrera, and the brand’s Creative Director, Daniel Calvo. The event marked a pivotal moment, bringing Spanish legacy in artistic jewellery-making to Dubai’s sophisticated audience.

The launch was a celebration of Carrera y Carrera’s exceptional craftsmanship and enduring heritage, spotlighting signature collections such as Origen, My Angel, Bohemia and Gardenia. Each creation embodies a fusion of Spain’s rich historical narratives and contemporary artistry, inspired by the country’s vibrant cultural tapestry, with every design encapsulating passion, beauty, and a profound respect for the tradition of jewellery making. The offerings range from bold, statement pieces, to delicate, intricately designed items that cater to the refined tastes of discerning clients.

“Damas is thrilled to launch Carrera y Carrera, a jewellery brand that epitomizes the luxury and artistry that our customers appreciate,” said Luc Perramond, CEO & Chairman of Damas Jewellery. “This launch is a testament to our commitment to bringing world-renowned jewellery artisans to our region and asserts Damas as a leader in the House of International Jewellery Design.”

Expressing his profound enthusiasm, Grigoriy Kurnosov, CEO of Carrera y Carrera commented, “Dubai is a city known for its exquisite taste and appreciation for luxury. By showcasing our iconic Carrera y Carrera collections here at Atlantis The Royal, we invite jewellery connoisseurs and aficionados alike to experience all that encapsulates around Spanish art, passion, and our rich history reflected in each meticulously crafted piece. Damas and Carrera y Carrera will no doubt enrich the UAE’s luxury market with extraordinary pieces that merge modern innovation with timeless craftsmanship.”

Carrera y Carrera’s commitment to jewellery craftsmanship extends beyond mere aesthetics, reflecting a devotion to creating pieces that are both an artistic legacy and a contemporary luxury statement. The House’s masterpieces reflect the heritage of Spanish tradition and elegant luxury, inspired by art, culture and ancient mythology. Each creation is crafted with a strong identity and great story-telling, incorporating the extravagant designs of the past into modern and iconic statement jewellery.

To view the full collection, please visit: www.damasjewellery.com.