Middle Eastern painter partners with luxury fashion brand Behnoode for an exclusive shoe collection called ‘Art in Sole’, inspired by his art.
The Collaboration Features Four Styles and price starts at EUR15,000 per piece.

Walking might be the hardest thing to do if you are wearing a pair of these ultra expensive shoes from the team up of two Middle Eastern artists – award-winning painter Zartosht Rahimi and Dubai-based luxury fashion designer Behnood Javaherpour.

The two gentlemen announced today the launch of their new collaboration called ‘Art in Sole’, a collection of BEHNOODE’S Oxford Italian dress shoes for men with hand painting by Rahimi’s signature caricatures used in his award-winning paintings on each of its sole which are all unique and a true work of art.

I have been looking forward to do such collaboration as I believe fashion and art revolves in the same universe and I want to see how my art can also be a fashion statement. Working with BEHNOODE is a dream come true for me as he is a force to be reckoned with in the Middle East fashion industry and I am so excited how the fashion enthusiast will react to this art collaboration.

Zartosht Rahimi

Zartosht is a treasure of the Middle Eastern art industry. His works have reached millions of souls within our region as well as globally as he makes strong statements through his art pieces. He is such an inspiration to many young artists and this collaboration is another milestone for my brand BEHNOODE.

Behnood Javaherpour

The Art in Sole was inspired by Rahimi’s latest art collection called “We Haven’t Seen Each Other in a Long Time” which is based on his thoughts during the outbreak of the pandemic and how he misses life without pandemic. 

The collection is only four pieces in the world and will not be reproduced.